13 January 2012

Curse Those Damned Criegee Biradicals and the Damned Clouds Too!

The researchers found that the Criegee biradicals react more rapidly than first thought and will accelerate the formation of sulphate and nitrate in the atmosphere. These compounds will lead to aerosol formation and ultimately to cloud formation with the potential to cool the planet. _SciTechDaily
National Post

In light of Dr. David Whitehouse winning his bet with warminst James Annan, having been proved correct that there would be no new global warming records set by 2011, it is long past time for the IPCC Orthodoxy of Climate Hysteria to revisit its scientific theories of global climate.

In keeping with the observed lack of predicted warming over the past several years, a recent scientific discovery of natural molecules in the atmosphere which seem to exert a cooling effect suggests that the science is not at all settled, and the debate is certainly not over.
Artificial Method of Generating Clouds by Aerosol Spray

Scientists and engineers who are worried about runaway global warming -- an unlikely event, by the way -- have suggested a wide range of geoengineering schemes, including the aerosol spray seen above, and the atmospheric reflectors pictured below.
J. Storrs Hall Aerostats

But the discovery of the Criegee biradicals raises the question of whether instead of runaway warming, we should be worried about runaway cooling instead! Apparently these biradicals are generated naturally by plants -- plants which may have developed a grudge against humans based upon a long history of being eaten by them. If the plants get angry enough, who knows what they might do?
The planet seems to be in the middle of a cooling climate phase, triggered by a lull in cyclic solar activity. The CERN CLOUD study suggests as much. Even worse, the more time that goes by, the more overdue we will be for the next glacial age. And if you want to talk about global killers, global warming cannot hold a candle to massive glaciation.

What will the IPCC Orthodoxy of Carbon Hysteria do if forced to confront its own sloppy science, failed predictions, and desperate need for an overhaul of its climate theories? It really doesn't matter. Because what we will be told by our overlords is that whether it is global warming or global cooling, the solution is still the same: Transfer hundreds of billions of dollars per year from western nations to emerging and third world nations, using the UN as an intermediary and distributor of funding.

But they will still curse the damned sceptics, the Criegee biradicals, cosmic rays, and anything else that causes them undue work and revisioning. Who do these little people think they are, next to the Orthodoxy? Who indeed?

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Blogger Unknown said...

"it is long past time for the IPCC Orthodoxy of Climate Hysteria to revisit its scientific theories of global climate. "

The problem is that they have no real scientific theories. It is difficult to re-write junk science as anything goes when you are just making it up.

As their political agenda DEMANDS that CO2 be the culprit of warming in order to indict human activities, they simply cannot move away from their mission: to show the effects of global warming, (regardless of its reality) and blame it on man.

The IPCC would cease to exist if they failed their propaganda mission so egregiously as to embrace the real science. The IPCC is NOT a scientific body anyhow, it's strictly political in scientific trappings.

It 's just not going to happen. Sorry.

Saturday, 14 January, 2012  
Blogger al fin said...

Yes, likely so. But I do expect to see more defectors from the crusade before it is all over.

Regardless of how the climate chooses to swing, the IPCC solution will remain the same. Transfer $trillions of dollars from the rapidly de-populating west to the emerging and third world. Use the UN - the most corrupt institution on the planet - as your trusted intermediary and disburser of funds.

Follow the money.

Saturday, 14 January, 2012  

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