23 November 2011

Don't Get Mad -- Get Even: ClimateGate, Round 2

“What if climate change appears to be just mainly a multidecadal natural fluctuation?” muses one scientist. “They’ll kill us probably.” _Register_via_GWPF
A new set of insider emails from the climate cabal have been released to the general public. According to those who have read the new bunch, these latest emails are even more incendiary than the first set -- more revealing of the dishonest and unscientific behaviour of the men who control the IPCC climate message which the media, politicians, and the public are exposed to.
Yesterday 5,000 new Climategate e-mails were released, apparently by the same person who made public 1,000 or so of them back in November 2009. Once again we get are being given the opportunity to peek over the shoulder of some of the most prominent names in climate science. The picture that emerges isn’t necessarily flattering. _GWPF
Anthony Watts provides more links for full access to all the released files, along with a number of revealing quotes from the latest batch of insider e-conversations.

As expected, Tom Nelson is all over this story
Having elevated global warming to the most dramatic, urgent and over-riding issue of the day, bureaucrats, NGOs, politicians and funding agencies demanded that the scientists must keep the whole bandwagon rolling. It had become too big to stop.

“The science is being manipulated to put a political spin on it which for all our sakes might not be too clever in the long run,” laments one scientist, Peter Thorne. While Professor Jagadish Shukla, a lead IPCC author, IGES founder, and one of the most senior climate experts writes that, “It is inconceivable that policymakers will be willing to make billion-and trillion-dollar decisions for adaptation to the projected regional climate change based on models that do not even describe and simulate the processes that are the building blocks of climate variability.”

With the release of FOIA2011.zip, the cat’s now well and truly out of the bag. _Register_via_GWPF

Climate Depot is likewise making hay of these brand new blockbusting revelations

Here at Al Fin, our viewpoint is that anyone with an IQ over 70 will have known that the IPCC and the climate hysteria orthodoxy were scams for several years now. But the world is populated by morons and idiots who still take the IPCC and the faux consensus seriously. For them, a ClimateGate 3, 4, 5, and 6 may be necessary before they began to understand how badly they have been fooled. Suckers.

As for the perpetrators themselves -- the Phil Jones', the Michael Manns, the Keith Briffas, the Kevin Trenberths, the Gavin Schmidts, and the rest of the dirty greedy grubby little boys -- look over your shoulders. Because hell is coming for breakfast. Heh.


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Blogger JohnDen said...

This answers So many questions.


Wednesday, 23 November, 2011  
Blogger KGould said...

I very recently found out that a woman I have known in person for over 5 years works for one of the scientists known for his work on global emissions and man-made climate change. I respect this woman, she seems to be very smart and well-educated - but now I find what her real work for UC Irvine has been about. And she lives here in Alberta, Canada. She travels all over the world for her work and has been in northern AB taking 'air samples' at the Fort McMurray Oil Sands projects. I kind of wondered at the time if this is what she was up to, but now it has been confirmed. I wonder what she and her colleagues and bosses think about these emails. In this article http://www.uci.edu/features/2011/11/feature_rowland_111109.php about my friend's boss, it basically says that he easily discounts all of the naysayers by his calm demeanor and stellar work. Blah!

Wednesday, 23 November, 2011  
Blogger al fin said...

The climate crusade is based upon false assumptions which all are forbidden to question. That makes it more of a religious movement than a scientific discipline.

Perhaps as a religious movement it deserves tax-exempt status, but it certainly does not deserve tens of billions of dollars in research funds. Nor does it deserve to be used as an excuse to divert many trillions of dollars away from needed infrastructure development, toward wasteful and futile inter-governmental redistribution programs.

The carbon hysteria orthodoxy serves to add further debt to future generations which are already burdened by contemporary governmental over-spending, while it reduces the ability of those generations to pay these same debts.

If we cannot stop the perpetrators from committing this monstrous crime, the least we can do for future generations is to make sure the crime is well documented, and the persons responsible are explicitly named.

Wednesday, 23 November, 2011  
Blogger Bruce Hall said...

I did an analysis of this very issue two years ago.


Thursday, 24 November, 2011  
Blogger al fin said...

Yes, and a nice job indeed, Bruce.

The scamsters are counting on most people not being able to view trends from varying perspectives in time. As long as they can keep the debate in the political arena -- and prevent most dissenting scientists from speaking out in public via various strong-armed tactics -- they feel the politicians, the media, the educators, and the public at large can be easily manipulated.

Thursday, 24 November, 2011  

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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