22 September 2010

Obama Pelosi: Pretending the US has No Budgetary Crisis

The Obama Pelosi regime would like us to believe that 1 $trillion deficits are a normal way to run a country, and that nothing bad will happen as a result. As $trillion upon $trillion is piled onto the national debt, anyone with a functioning brain has to understand that interest rates on the debt will necessarily rise -- to keep the investors interested, as they notice that the dollar keeps getting weaker and the US is losing its edge economically, militarily, diplomatically.
Where the two political parties accept trillion dollar deficits, The Tea Party demands draconian change in our system of governance. They recognize the need for the coming Great Deconstruction. _NewGeography

You can't blame the Cato Institute for trying to grab a little of the enthusiasm coming from the grass roots Tea Party movement.
The Cato Institute has offered a website dedicated to downsizing the federal government. Cato outlines clear and concise methods to reduce spending and deconstruct the various departments of government as the Tea Party is demanding. Cato’s author, Chris Edwards, envisions the elimination of entire branches of the federal government by “devolving” various programs to the states.

The annual savings proposed by the Cato Institute study total more than $400 billion per year. Some call the recommendations draconian and outrageous. Yet the savings represent just 11% of current spending – a critical way to adjust to the new realities of the deconstruction.
It is amazing that cutting just $400 billion a year in federal spending could be called draconian and outrageous. Yet Obama Pelosi has the media, academia, and the punditry so bamboozled by flamboyant over-spending that any ideas of fiscal responsibility are immediately seen as unacceptable.

The US is in trouble. Its leadership is taking the nation on a path of suicidal insanity, and most of the population of the US is so dependent upon the federal government that breaking away from the addiction will cause real pain to tens of millions of people, at least. But they will live, if the rehabilitation and recovery is done carefully and judiciously. If nothing is done to stop the train wreck currently in progress, however, it is certain that large numbers will die -- and not just in the US.


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Blogger gtg723y said...

So what you are saying is that we are going to have to cut our losses or we all die. Austerity is a pretty scary thing, but the plane is going down and it is time to jettison all unnecessary weight. From what I have seen of most people on welfare, I do not feel sorry for them. Spend four hours in a down town Atlanta DMV and you wont either. There is an older man I know that is on social security, he cannot do physical labor anymore but he could be a mall janitor or something, but he refuses to do that its too beneath him. He just wants someone to take care of him like a nurse maid, he feels entitled to that kind of treatment, even though he never made any sort of plan for his last years. People like him are bankrupting this nation and I don't want people like him robbing my child of her future.

Wednesday, 22 September, 2010  
Blogger al fin said...

We won't need austerity for long if we do it right.

Given the politics of the situation, it will not be done right.

I like what Cato and the Tea Party are trying to do in returning to a leaner, trimmed down government mission, but once a democracy becomes as corrupted as the US and Europe, it is almost impossible to go back and re-do.

Sunday, 26 September, 2010  
Blogger gtg723y said...

When I vote I often feel like I am cosing between the fascist and the communist, either way you are voting for an oligarchy and might as well call us what we are :Democratic Socialists. I just wish the Libertarian party would get its sh!t together, why couldn't Penn and Teller high jack the Tea Party? Judge Napolitono and John Stossel would probably appeal to older portions of the TEA Party more, but what a team they could have made..... I sigh with disappointment. But what I find the most unfortunate is that people think America is a democracy, we are a republic, most people don't understand the difference, and because of that we choose between the fascists and the communists. Even if Republicans take both houses we are going to have to deal with the ramifications of Cap and Trade as it will go through the lame duck session and then we will have to years of stagnation after that. We will have to remain diligent and patient for a very long time.

Tuesday, 28 September, 2010  

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