17 May 2009

Adventures of the World's Smartest Man and his Dirty Rat Bastard Psychopath Stepfather

Chris Langan scored near 200 IQ points on an intensive neuropsychological evaluation of his intelligence. He grew up in poverty, and has worked in construction and in a bar as a bouncer. The above video is part 1 of a three part series. All three videos can be found together (H/T SimoleonSense)

Marilyn vos Savant is reputed to be the most intelligent person on Earth. Like Chris Langan, she grew up in very modest circumstances, and makes a living at a job that many people consider beneath her intelligence.

Today's very bright person can feel quite alone, with no clear path to maximise their effectiveness in life, and no obvious place to belong. Many of them end up bruised and warped by their misadventures in the larger world, if they do not have the fortune to achieve a success that allows them to erect buffers against the outer world's abrasive and invasive nature.

Next level humans will have an average intelligence of at least 200. But a person is much more than an IQ score. Executive function (EF) is more important to life success than IQ. And in order to exhibit true genius, a person needs a dogged single-mindedness that refuses to quit before a problem is solved.

The next level will have its share of single-minded geniuses, but I suspect that most of its human population will be broadly gifted and widely competent. With a few genetic breakthroughs, very very bright people will be much more common. They will share an accelerated intellectual upbringing, and will always know that there are others who understand them.

Making very smart people is just the bare beginning to building a next level human. Modern society seems equipped only to destroy such people. The next level society, a very ethical and moral society compared to modern society, will be equipped to give them the tools for fulfillment, achievement, and happiness.

Chris Langan Part 2

Chris Langan Part 3

Here is a more recent video of Chris Langan, as a farmer. As you can see from the latest video, Chris has married and settled on a farm in Missouri, and seems content.

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