19 March 2008

8 Hours of Boating Fun on One Gallon of Gasoline!

This little hybrid cat will take you on an eight hour tour around the lake or bay for the cost of one gallon of gasoline! Powered by a 55 pound thrust electric motor, this open-air 2 seater hybrid will give you plenty of time to see the sights, have an on-the-water picnic, and catch a few rays of sun--courtesy of an easily removable, portable gasoline generator.
The Hybrid is powered by both gas and electric, and is available in two models: the CraigCat Hybrid and the CraigCat E2 Hybrid. Both models feature an easily removable portable gas generator, which can be used for camping, fishing and hunting. Additionally, both models are equipped with deluxe seats for comfortable side-by-side seating, convertible bimini top for shade protection, and a powerful 55-pound thrust electric outboard motor for zero water pollution. The hybrid models are easy to operate and great fun in either fresh or salt water.

The E2 Hybrid has twin 55-watt halogen docking lights, two NAV lights, anchor light and a fishing rod holder for four rods and a cooler. Both boats are super-stable and unsinkable.___NextEnergy
More observant readers will notice that the CraigCat zipping along in the image above is not the hybrid model. But it does give the hybrid something to shoot for!

A serial hybrid is the most efficient of current hybrid designs. The gasoline powered generator provides the electric current for the super-efficient electric motor that provides the boat's propulsion. The same basic principle is operative in a serial hybrid automobile--even in a serial hybrid locomotive!

Using a gasoline or diesel generator in place of bulky, heavy batteries, takes advantage of the superior energy density of liquid fuels such as gasoline, diesel, or butanol. You should keep an eye out for liquid fuel-powered fuel cells, though. Boat designs incorporating a methanol fuel cell, for example, could dispense with the less efficient internal combustion driven generator altogether.

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