16 December 2007

Jet Pack Adventures

They claim it has a range of 16 km per fueling. At a cost of US $226,000 those 16 km would have to be very important.

Some of the world's militaries might consider incorporating something like this in their special forces bugout kit. Night drop behind enemy lines with a high-performance para-foil (perhaps a HALO using a wingsuit for the initial freefall). Your kit includes a jetpack, which is stowed carefully until you are ready to leave. Rendezvous in mid-air with your extraction craft, and you're gone.

Hat tip geekologie, via keelynet


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Blogger Audacious Epigone said...

Why isn't that clip set to Rocket Man?! Too depressing and not virile enough, I suppose.

Thursday, 20 December, 2007  
Blogger al fin said...

It could be that Rocket Man did not fit the desired mood, or perhaps the video assembler is from a different generation or musical subculture.

You can certainly capture the video and soundtrack it to whatever you want. What about "Somewhere Over the Rainbow?"

Friday, 21 December, 2007  

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