02 August 2007

World Without Men?The Immaculate Conception--Stem Cell Parthenogenesis By Mistake. Accidental Virgin Births May be Next

South Korean researcher Hwang Wu-Suk was declared a fraud and laughed off the stage of stem cell research, but the much maligned scientist may have accidentally created the first human embryo-by-parthenogenesis.
Hwang Woo-Suk was found in a 2005 documentary to have conducted cloning experiments using eggs donated by junior staff in his own laboratory, and fabricated the results data. He was charged with fraud and embezzling money from those who funded his research, forcing him to resign in disgrace.

However, according to a US study into his work published last night, the professor inadvertently created cells that were derived by "parthenogenesis", a method by which unfertilised eggs start to divide to form embryos asexually.

Parthenogenesis derives from the Greek for "virgin birth", and is the means of reproduction among all fungi and many plants and animals, including lizards, bees and some fish.

Researchers at the Harvard University Stem Cell Institute and Children's Hospital Boston Stem Cell Program believe the dismissed scientist may have stumbled across the discovery without noticing it.

...Parthenogenesis involves chemically tricking an egg into developing without being fertilised by sperm. Dr Daley's team has done this in mice, and he said researchers recently succeeded in humans. He and his colleagues have now devised a set of standards to analyse the DNA of embryonic stem cells that allows researchers to determine how they were made. They used this method to analyse the South Korean stem cell line. "We now know unequivocally that they are human parthenogenetic stem cells," he said.

A world where men are no longer necessary for the propagation of the species, has long been a dream of feminists--in academia and in science fiction. I have speculated about such worlds in fiction and non-fiction myself.

In a world where almost 60% of undergraduates are female, where approximately half of medical students and law students are female, where 70% of graduate psychology students are female--a world without men is not so difficult to imagine, at least within academia and some professions.

In the high tech world where most technological breakthroughs come from elite mathematics, physics, engineering, and computer science--where females are significantly more rare--a manless world is a more unlikely scenario.

The worlds of energy production and transmission, heavy construction, infrastructure maintenance, big agriculture, transportation, etc. etc. may be at least as dependent on male manpower as the high tech professions.

In reality, a world without men would be a much different world than feminists imagine. It would not simply be a world with little crime, warfare, and domestic strife. Such a world would be a world where large span bridge collapses would become commonplace, and other large scale infrastructure breakdown would likewise occur.


Outspoken feminist professors Letitia Snotsberry and Nadine Bullsnort were unavailable for comment as of this writing. Other influential university feminists who asked Al Fin not to reveal their identities have expressed their unalloyed delight at this news of sperm-free embryogenesis.[/satire]

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Blogger Ugh said...

With no men how quickly would the world de-volve into the stone age? In my experience women folk don't really get along with each other all that well. They can be, how do I say, quite petty, and frankly, intolerant of each other.

Friday, 03 August, 2007  
Blogger al fin said...

Not quite to the stone age, perhaps. High tech innovation would grind nearly to a complete stop. Infrastructural breakdown would be widespread from lack of skilled upkeep.

A lot of other problems would come about in a world without men, but for now it might be best to leave it there.

Friday, 03 August, 2007  
Blogger Chris Harrison said...

The idea that there would be less warfare without men comes from a lack of knowledge about non-western cultures. Look at Indian, Cambodian or ancient Persian history and you will find that women have been heavily involved in warfare through-out history.

I find this cultural bias in feminists pretty ironic given that they always seem to subscribe to the whole PC cultural equivalence world view.

Friday, 03 August, 2007  
Blogger al fin said...

Interesting point, Chris. Certainly in many families oriented around domestic violence, the woman gives as good as she takes.

Personally, I think testosterone has a lot to do with aggression in humans. It is more complex than mere androgen blood levels, but they are important.

A society without men would need to synthesize a lot of testosterone for use both pre- and post-natally, to shape particular females for lives as mathematicians, physicists, engineers, or just heavy lifters.

Certainly these artificially testosterone-boosted females would be more predisposed to aggression than their otherwise unaltered sisters.

Nature herself performs similar experiments on the unborn female, leading to a certain percentage of women who may be more mathematically inclined, or more aggressive.

Saturday, 04 August, 2007  

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