08 November 2006

Joseph Lieberman Elected King of US Congress

If there is any one person who was elevated to leadership of the US Congress in yesterdays American election, it is Joseph Lieberman, US Senator from Connecticut. As the deciding democratic senate vote, and the leader of a cross-aisle alliance of moderates composing nearly 20 US Senators, Mr. Lieberman has achieved a level of power that most legislators only dream of. All because of a demented group of democratic party power brokers in Connecticut who decided to "punish" Lieberman for not being antagonistic enough toward US President Bush.

Democrats and Republicans alike will need Lieberman, a longtime Democrat whose independent ways will make him a power broker in a closely divided Senate. He's vowed to caucus with Democrats, but Republicans who provided support for his re-election are expected to court him as well.

Lieberman, who stressed his ability to work across the political aisle on the campaign trail, crafted his comeback from a shattering primary loss last August to political newcomer Ned Lamont by putting together a loose coalition of Republicans, Democrats and independent voters.

Lieberman will be a powerful moderating force in the new US Congress. With democrats in the majority for the first time in many years, a large number of the more radical democrats will want to flex their muscles in a leftist direction--to make their mark. With Lieberman bridging the ever widening gap in US politics, change will come slowly.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lieberman is essentially a pro-Israel leftist who supports nation-building in the Middle East. Domestically, he's a leftist on every front.

I'd rather have seen Lamont win, to be honest.

Thursday, 09 November, 2006  
Blogger al fin said...

Had Lamont won, the idiot power brokers would grow their heads so big they could not pass through an average doorway. Better to have the voters teach the power brokers a lesson from time to time, regardless of the ideology of the candidate.

I far prefer an independent leftist to a puppet who has his strings pulled by Howard Dean.

Thursday, 09 November, 2006  

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