27 September 2006

Genetic Brain Maps, Teraflop Processors, Quantum Encryption, etc.

Paul Allen of Microsoft fame has funded an amazing project to create a genetic brain atlas of a mouse. Since humans share 90% of the brain genes with mice, there is plenty of information in the mouse brain atlas to generate profitable experiments in humans.

Brian Wang at Advanced Nanotechnology blog brings us the stories for today.

Mouse Brain-Gene Map

Teraflop Processors

Quantum Encryption Advances

Mechanically Interlocked Molecules

Technical Feasibility of Nano-scale Manufacturing

Teraflop processors and advances in quantum encryption are obviously important. Mechanically interlocked molecules point toward improved abilities to fabricate new types of matter at a very small scale.

Here is a Technology Review article describing the brain gene map.
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Common misconceptions about the Allen Brain Atlas:

Sunday, 29 October, 2006  

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