02 June 2006

Dysgenics: As the World Burns

The very promising blog "The Audacious Epigone", was highlighted by Steve Sailer recently. Crush41 at TAE recently commented on Lynn and Vanhannen's IQ and the Wealth of Nations hypotheses. After discussing some interesting correlations between IQ and various variables, he takes a wary peek into the future:

The future looks precarious. The brainy nations are becoming grayer and reproducing below the replenishment rate of 2.1 children per woman (see the nearby charts--click to enlarge).

....Globalization will continue to make migration easier. As newly-arrived, formerly destitute third-worlders enjoy the prosperity of the developed host, they become more fecund (Hispanics in the US average 2.8 babies per woman. That's higher than Mexico's 2.42 per woman, and indeed is more fertile than much of Latin America). By depressing wages and making housing less affordable, they also have the effect of decreasing the fecundity of the host country's natives. As the relative size of the smart fraction dwindles while the duller side grows proprotionally (and absolutely, of course), more human resources will have to spent by the brights to take care of the dulls. Crime and poverty will increase, living standards will be pressured, and human progression will be slowed.

He then makes a few suggestions for possible remedies, possible incentives for smarter people to have more children. Good luck. The idea of artificial wombs would probably do more than most current incentives being tried around the world, and even then the idea of the creche or the kibbutz might have to be dusted off. Modern professionals do not want to sacrifice for the next generations, even though it is the next generations who will finance tomorrow's social democratic welfare states.

The outlook for Europe is particularly bad, combining dysgenics with religious antagonism. Across Europe, prisons are filling up with muslim immigrants and children of immigrants. North America does not get off free, however. Hispanic crime rates are three times higher than crime rates of americans of european origin. Mean IQ of latin american immigrants to North America is no higher than 90, which is higher than mean IQ of the muslim immigrants to Europe. The importation of third world values and traditions, along with the dysgenic impact and higher crime rates, will change the aspect of many North American and European cities.

China will not experience the same dysgenic forces What dysgenics China does experience will be due to the fact that there are far more Chinese (often of high intelligence and education) trying to leave China than foreigners trying to enter. The same applies to Russia. Japan is turning to limited time guest worker permits, and even more to robotics and automation to replace retiring workers--but not immigration, with its dysgenic potential.

Not many people are brave enough to speak about this topic in the open, due to the hypocrisy of politically correct societies. Nevertheless the research on intelligence has established genetics as considerably more important than external accoutrements, other than nutrition and early childhood experiential enrichment.

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Blogger crush41 said...

China has a substantial imbalance of young males to young females. At children under 15 years of age, it appears to be the highest ratio in the world: 1.12 males for every female.

What happens to the 17 million male Chinese adolescents that cannot find mates in the future? Will they emigrate, or will they push politically for more immigration as China enjoys a progressively higher standard of living? The Han are notoriously 'supremacist' (that's not really the right word)--will the country be willing to bring in large numbers of southern Asians?

I agree that reproduction incentives have met little success in the past. But there are other things we can do, like institute a merit immigration system and build a wall so that the US standard of living rises, as affordability is a key in jumpstarting the production of babies.

Saturday, 24 June, 2006  
Blogger al fin said...

You are absolutely correct that the situation is far more nuanced and complex than I intimated in my post. I am hoping that many readers follow the link to your posting for more details.

A merit system of immigration along with border walls--and whatever else it takes--are absolutely necessary. As for whether this will lead to higher birthrates inside North America? Affordability and childbirth do not always track together, for the modern woman.

Women need a reason to have children. Those stretch marks are permanent, and that tissue laxity here, here, and here, will require surgery. A nip here, a tuck there, a revision here, a reduction there, an augmentation there. This is the level where many women live. By the time they start to feel the biological clock presenting its undeniable arguments, it may be too late.

Monday, 26 June, 2006  

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