18 June 2005

Will Next Levels Homeschool their Kids?

The answer is yes and no.

Yes, Next level humans will be the primary teachers for their children, in the early years. But no, the learning will not take place mostly at home. Next levels will travel extensively, and their children will go with them, learning from what they see and do. World travel, interacting with persons of all backgrounds and proficiencies. Travel outside the world, further out with time.

Children love to imitate adults. The can only do this constructively when they are in direct contact, and under direct supervision of learned adults. Adults who genuinely care about them, and are not distracted by the antics of twenty or thirty undisciplined children. Children do learn from each other, but too often in schools children learn dysfuncionality from each other.

Remember, by the time they arrive next level humans will have gained control of their health and aging. Next level humans know how to improve intelligence both before birth and after birth. Children of next level humans will have a lot more to learn than any child today. Their education will be taken seriously, unlike "modern" education, which is a great waste of time and resources all around.

The "modern" classroom environment is artificial. Young children should not be confined for hours on end in a classroom. Tax supported schools and other conventional schools are based on social experiments from the 19th century. Confine children to cramped classrooms for hours a day with only their age peers for companions. Do this for many years and what do you have? Loafers, delinquents, teen pregnancies, welfare mothers, gang-bangers, drug dealers, alcoholics, addicts, over-aged children. A disaster for the parent society.

From this dysfunctional society we now have, we are supposed to create next level human society? How is that possible?

Very carefully, very deliberately, and somewhat secretively. Most primitive level and between level humans are suspicious of change, of growth beyond the "normal." To these humans must be given cable television, video games, and the shallower side of the internet. For these primitive and between level humans, school will go on just as it does now. Indoctrination into dysfuncionality and inanity.

Next level humans will take the education of their children extremely seriously. They will not blithely hand over the future of their offspring to a failed experiment in social engineering. Too much is at stake.

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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