17 October 2012

Germany Screws the Energy Pooch Bigtime

German Consumers Pay Big Price for Government's Energy Mistakes

Germany is attempting the impossible: It is attempting to replace safe and reliable nuclear power with exorbitantly expensive intermittent unreliable energy sources such as big wind and big solar. German consumers of electric power are already paying the price of this ill-advised policy of quasi energy suicide.

Oddly for a so-called green government, the Germans are rapidly building up their coal generation capacity, in an effort to avert total energy disaster from the intermittent unreliables.
Germany’s foray into renewables has not converted most of its neighbors and a number of them are planning to construct nuclear power plants of their own, just as Germany is getting rid of hers. _Germans Pay the Price
Of course most intelligent leaders would not follow Germany's path to energy suicide. It is easy to understand what happens to industrial economies when their power grids can no longer supply high quality, reliable electric power: They lose their industries to other countries that are still capable of supplying industrial quality power.
Despite technological advances, wind, solar, hydro and other green energy sources still remain an unprofitable investment in a fair market. The way to encourage their exploitation is through a set of feed-in tariffs, a policy where energy companies are forced to buy electricity from green generators at a price set by the government (which is usually legislated to remain the same for two decades).

The German government has passed the cost of the payment from the energy companies to the consumer. Every German on the grid pays something called Umlage, a special surcharge for supporting green fuels that covers all the green energy subsidies, however much energy is produced.

Germany is one of the worst conceivable places to build solar power infrastructure. Constantly cloudy, at relatively high latitude -- with almost no useful sun over large parts of the year.

Wind is even worse, with an erratic unpredictability that is said to be more threatening to power grids than throwing live hand grenades into grid control centres.

Industries are already leaving Germany, and more will soon follow. The loss of energy and jobs will damage the German economy almost as much as the exploding cost of new infrastructure required to deal with the intermittent unreliables. And the cost -- THE COST!!! Hundreds of thousands of lower class workers in Germany already cannot afford to pay their skyrocketing power bills. That number will only grow larger.

In an effort to stay in power just a few years longer, Germany's leadership has made one of the worst decisions that a modern government can make.

Germany was unlikely to be destroyed by outsiders, in the absence of another provocateur such as Hitler. But in this case, it is the Germans who are doing it to themselves.

With Germany as the pivot point for the European power grid and the European economy, what does this tell you about the future of Europe?

h/t The GWPF


Germany faces power blackouts this winter

More energy price explosions confronting German rate payers

One may wonder, "what is the point of all this, if global warming stopped 15 years ago?"

Political left crucifies itself on a great green cross

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Blogger J said...

Germany is one of the worst conceivable places to build solar power infrastructure. Constantly cloudy, at relatively high latitude -- with almost no useful sun over large parts of the year.

I'd add the German water paradox: It is one of the countries richest in water resources, yet they impose on themselves draconic water saving regulations.

Wednesday, 17 October, 2012  
Blogger al fin said...

Good point.

Germany also has a low fertility rate. German greens would like to see fertility fall even lower.

Call it terminal green hysteria psychopathology. On a national level, it is the great green dysfunction, a handicap that may ultimately prove impossible for Germans to overcome. It is turning into a nation-scale suicide by consensus.

Wednesday, 17 October, 2012  
Blogger demonkoryu said...

I live in Germany and you just cannot appreciate the amount of paranoia, stupid pseudo-idealistic morality doctrine and outright high treason that is going on here. Almost all media and education propagates a "green" and "social" world view that would only ever work if a) we lived in happy pink pony land, and b) everyone in the world is be a nice, happy, little pink pony.

Christ, I'm feeling like in Kindergarten here.

The only realists in the country are either called Nazis or cold-hearted capitalists, or they *are* dumb Nazis or cold-hearted capitalists.

Thursday, 18 October, 2012  
Blogger Tomk777 said...

Meanwhile, China buys as much of Americas coal as her ships can carry, explores for oil on every continent, and in almost every ocean. Just last month we were told here in America that drilling for oil off the Florida coast would hurt the environment, so Cuba drilled less than a quarter of a mile away, and sold the oil to China.

Tuesday, 23 October, 2012  
Blogger al fin said...

It sounds as if the Greens are the new Nazis, and those whom the Greens designate "Nazis" are the new Jews. When do the Greens start building the new death camps to achieve a final Green solution?

Tuesday, 23 October, 2012  

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