08 October 2012

Black Males: Falling Behind the Rest

One of the most frustrating problems for modern social engineers, is how to erase the achievement gap between black males and everyone else in the world. If one looks at poverty by nation, worldwide, one discovers that the poorest nations tend to be those populated with and controlled by black males.

42 Poorest Nations of the World

1. Zimbabwe
22. Tanzania (United Republic of)
2. Congo (Democratic Republic of the)
23. Djibouti
3. Niger
24. Angola
4. Burundi
25. Haiti
5. Mozambique
26. Senegal
6. Guinea-Bissau
27. Uganda
7. Chad
28. Nigeria
8. Liberia
29. Lesotho
9. Burkina Faso
30. Comoros
10. Mali
31. Togo
11. Central African Republic
32. Nepal
12. Sierra Leone
33. Papua New Guinea
13. Ethiopia
34. Mauritania
14. Guinea
35. Madagascar
15. Afghanistan
36. Benin
16. Sudan
37. Yemen
17. Malawi
38. Myanmar
18. Rwanda
39. Cameroon
19. Gambia
40. Ghana
20. Zambia
41. Bangladesh
21. Côte d'lvoire
42. Kenya


Even in oil-rich Nigeria, 61% of the population is forced to live on less than $1 a day. You may think that this phenomenon is limited to subSaharan Africa, but it occurs wherever blacks make up a large proportion of the male population.

When black males emigrate to western nations, they inevitably fall behind all other groups -- including black females -- in terms of academic and economic achievement.

The problem certainly exists in Britain, where large numbers of blacks from the Caribbean have migrated. It is a problem that originates within the black community itself.

The problem also exists in the world's wealthiest nation, the US.

Even leftist social engineers are beginning to see the black male achievement gap as "a crisis." And neither poverty nor "special needs" are "the cause" of the problem.
These low achievement levels aren't just the result of poverty. The average black fourth and eighth grade male who is not poor doesn't do any better on the NAEP than white males who come from low-income backgrounds. The data also shows that black males without special education challenges also don't score any higher than white males with special needs.

When it comes to school experience factors like suspension, black males are, "three times more likely than white students, two times more likely than Hispanic and American Indian students, and five times more likely than Asian students to be suspended from school."

Black males who make it to college are half as likely as their white male peers to graduate within four years. And, according to the report, in 2008, black males over 18 accounted for 5 percent of the college population but were 36 percent of the prison population. _Good.is

So, what's a frustrated social engineer to do about this persistent and serious problem?

For one thing, she needs to ditch the political correctness, and open her mind to the full range of possible causes of the problem.

Has she ever considered that the male hormone testosterone may be at least part of the problem that is causing black males to constantly fall behind?

Testosterone significantly increases the neurotoxicity of the amino acid neurotransmitter glutamate, in contrast to estrogens, which work to reduce the neurotoxicity that comes from an over-abundance of glutamate.

Under conditions of transient low oxygen levels or low blood flow conditions to the brain, nerve tissue can be flooded with toxic levels of glutamate. If the brains of black females and black males were put under identical temporary conditions of hypoxia or hypoperfusion, one would therefore expect the brains of black females to emerge from the trial in better working order.

Estrogens similarly protect the brain from mercury toxicity more effectively than androgens. Estrogen also has a protective effect on the brain from strokes, Alzheimer's Disease, and other forms of neurodegeneration.

Is it possible that estrogens and androgens have different protective effects on the brain in the case of lead toxicity? It is something that should perhaps be looked into.

If you examine the table below, you will see that on a statistical basis, blacks have higher levels of sex hormones than whites, who have higher levels than asians, statistically.

None of this is politically correct. But political correctness -- in government, media, and academia -- accounts for a large part of the cultural blind spot which is preventing this problem from being approached honestly, and dealt with effectively.

Special preferences, affirmative action, preferential hiring / admissions / benefits / etc. may all temporarily mask the problem, and prevent a certain degree of violence on the part of frustrated black males. But such programs tend to corrupt and degrade the quality of work, productivity, and innovation in any fields that are affected by them, penalising society at large. There is a limit to how long such programs can be maintained without a serious degradation of the society's capabilities, and without provoking a dangerous backlash on the part of the populations that are inadvertently disadvantaged by the programs.

By the year 2050, as many as 200 million people in the US will be eligible for special preferences under affirmative action law. As US demographics change, it is conceivable that we will see larger populations of "disadvantaged" -- eligible for special preferences -- than there are "advantaged" -- not eligible for special preferences. One would expect a rapid disappearance of the "advantaged" populations, as they suffer from more and more stringent affirmative action rules, regulations, laws, mandates, penalties, fines, and other race based punitive actions by government.

It should be clear that such a society has legislated and regulated itself onto the path toward national poverty. Perhaps such a nation may eventually make the "infoplease global top 42 rankings of impoverished nations?"

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Blogger kurt9 said...

What about the Bahamas? They have a per capita of $23K in nominal and $30K in PPP. They are not nearly as crime ridden as other Caribbean states with large black populations such as Jamaica.

Pouring through the statistics suggests that the Bahamas may be the most economically successful black country in the world.

Monday, 08 October, 2012  
Blogger al fin said...

Follow the money. Look beyond the point estimate of per capita income to the actual distribution. Consider how easily such distributions can be skewed in countries that have low population.

In low average IQ countries with low populations, such skewing is generally done via either tourism or natural resource wealth. Some tropical countries also serve as offshore banking centres, with a lot of money passing through them for one reason or another.

Look deep into the gathering gloom. Watch lights fade from every room . . .

Oh, sorry. I got sidetracked... ;)

No, you need to look deeply into the underlying reasons for various point estimates before putting much value in them.

Monday, 08 October, 2012  
Blogger kurt9 said...

Yes, I know lots of wealthy retirees live in the Bahamas. The total population is around 320,000 with about 40,000 whites (some expatriates). Even if you assume that all of the whites are wealthy, they would have to be quite wealthy to pull the total average up to $23,000 nominal. Its plausible that the per capital income of black people in Bahamas is around $10,000, which is a damn sight better than much of the developing world.

In any case, the Bahamas has much less crime than places like Jamaica. The Bahamas is not dangerous like Jamaica. It is also worth noting that most of the Caribbean states, including the Bahamas, have fertility rates around 2.0, around replacement.

Monday, 08 October, 2012  
Blogger al fin said...

Yes, now you are beginning to fill in the picture a bit.

Majority black countries that have a significant market dominant minority, can often "slug above their weight classification." South Africa can still do so for now, but Zimbabwe and Uganda had to learn their lessons the hard way.

The market dominant minority could be Chinese, Lebanese, East Indian, or any of a number of types of European.

Keep in mind that "black" is not exactly a homogeneous category. Within black communities, there is often stratification by tribe, clan, family, or ethnic mix. Think Harry Belafonte and his photogenic brood, for example.

Wealthy blacks from the US, Canada, or UK can retire to the Bahamas just as easily as wealthy whites or Indians. Combine all those with top employees of the offshore banks, hotels, resorts, other industries, etc etc. and the "black country" of the Bahamas can take on a different aspect of meaning.

Monday, 08 October, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Over half of the Fortune 500 Chairmen/CEOs who ever were black are currently holding those high positions. Hollywood has shifted its Christ figures from Jews to Blacks -- especially over the last 10 years as Holocaust movies have increasingly given way to innocent victim numinous Bantu heroes. Literally, the state religion is decreasingly Holocaustianity and increasingly Bantuanity.

There is more genetic variation among the Bantu than non-Bantu. One should expect a corresponding higher standard deviation in almost all other measures -- employment included. Averages for that group are virtually meaningless except insofar as they point to a strong pressure toward hierarchy and specialization in Bantu societies. Moreover, if you include civil service jobs you'll see that the US's jobs with the highest security*income product have gone preferentially to American Bantu.

Monday, 08 October, 2012  
Blogger Lime Lite said...

Having been born and lived in South Africa for 37 years, I think I'm able to comment here. IQ67 - that's the average IQ of SA blacks. No matter how much money is thrown at the problem it all boils down to the genetic make-up of the people. It won't be too long before South Africa makes the top 42 list as more and more brained and skilled people flee for their lives. Zimbabweans managed to trash their country in 10 years; SA isn't far behind.

Monday, 08 October, 2012  
Blogger M said...

Noting the author of that chart, RIP Dr Rushton. Whatever criticisms people may have of his work, he was incredibly brave to publish such politically inconvenient data.

Tuesday, 09 October, 2012  

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