06 January 2012

Overturning Feminist Dogma: Massive Gender Gap Measured

Men and women have large differences in personality, according to a new study published Jan. 4 in the online journal PLoS ONE....The researchers used personality measurements from more than 10,000 people, approximately half men and half women. The personality test included 15 personality scales, including such traits as warmth, sensitivity, and perfectionism. When comparing men's and women's overall personality profiles, which take multiple traits into account, very large differences between the sexes became apparent, even though differences look much smaller when each trait is considered separately. _SD
In a promising sign of things to come, scientists from Italy and the UK have overturned an important block in the foundation of modern radical feminist dogma. Using new techniques of measuring personality, and taking greater care to compensate for measurement error, the researchers discovered important statistical differences in the personalities of men and women.

These findings could go a long way to explain the different types of personal and career choices which men and women tend to make.
In addition to their direct influences on mating processes, personality traits correlate with many other sexually selected behaviors, such as status-seeking and risk-taking (see e.g., [20], [34], [35]). Thus, in an evolutionary perspective, personality traits are definitely not neutral with respect to sexual selection. Instead, there are grounds to expect robust and wide-ranging sex differences in this area, resulting in strongly sexually differentiated patterns of emotion, thought, and behavior – as if there were “two human natures”, as effectively put by Davies and Shackelford [15]. _PLoSOne
Differences in status seeking and risk taking behaviours help to explain why males are willing to work more dangerous jobs and much longer hours in order to achieve material success and to attain higher status.

While feminist dogma blames sexist discrimination for the greater prevalence of men at the top of the professional and executive ladders of many occupations, arts, and industries, scientific research helps us to understand the truer and more general underpinnings of such differences in accomplishment.

As more research helps to round and fill in our understanding of important gender differences, we will be less likely to resort to government regulation, mandate, and legislation in order to "correct for" things that are actually intrinsic in the nature of human animals.

PLoSOne Study:
In conclusion, we believe we made it clear that the true extent of sex differences in human personality has been consistently underestimated. While our current estimate represents a substantial improvement on the existing literature, we urge researchers to replicate this type of analysis with other datasets and different personality measures. An especially critical task will be to compare self-reported personality with observer ratings and other, more objective evaluation methods. Of course, the methodological guidelines presented in this paper can and should be applied to domains of individual differences other than personality, including vocational interests, cognitive abilities, creativity, and so forth. Moreover, the pattern of global sex differences in these domains may help elucidate the meaning and generality of the broad dimension of individual differences known as “masculinity-femininity” [11]. In this way, it will be possible to build a solid foundation for the scientific study of psychological sex differences and their biological and cultural origins.

Pay close attention to how deeply feminist dogma has penetrated the skankstream media: compare media coverage of important research of this type with the hyperbolic coverage that is routinely given to "meta analysis studies" which deny important gender differences in specific preferences or aptitudes. It can be an enlightening experience.

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