29 December 2011

"Sea Tree," A Seastead for Birds, Fish, and Bats

The Sea Tree would be a tiered structure moored underwater with a cable that serves as the frame for series of layers. The layers above and below water would, over time become their own ecosystems — much like a sunken ship does underwater. Like an oil rig, the structure would rise above water and be self sufficient, but serves nature only.

The Sea Tree is a concept created by Amsterdam-based Waterstudio.nl. What is unique about this concept is that their plan was always to create the structure for nature only rather than retrofitting a green space into an urban structure or create a mixed use building. The idea was meant offset the trend of city sprawl and could be located in any water source — lakes, rivers or oceans. Wherever there is a need to bring some green back to the environment. _DVice
Humans have intentionally created artificial reefs for thousands of years for military purposes, and since the 17th century for purposes of increasing fish yields. Of course, humans have unintentionally created artificial reefs since the first ship sinkings and offshore garbage dumps.

Humans have also created island bird refuges for nesting birds, for some time.

This Dutch creation combines the artificial reef concept with the island bird refuge concept. To top it off, they have included an interior "bat cave" as a bat sanctuary and habitat.
A lush variety of plant life should provide abundant nesting areas for birds, as well as providing food for insects, which in turn provides food for birds, bats, and fish.
Once the multi-level animal seastead is placed off-limits to humans, it is apt to evolve its ecosystem in any number of directions. As an ecological experiment, it might hold more than a few surprises.

Just be sure to locate it away from any onshore or offshore wind farms, and keep feral cats far away. Maintenance would best be carried out by robotic telepresence. Monitoring should be done by webcam and UAV flyover. Keep tourists far away. Shoot to kill, if you must. ;-)

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Blogger bruce said...

are they that short of bat guano?

I like the idea, but utilizing what is available, why not remove some windows from a high rise, board up the ground floor and there you have a ready made nature's crapital.

Thursday, 29 December, 2011  
Blogger J said...

Raw sewage could be fed into the system, making it into a biological treatment plant too, sustaining the ecologycal pyramid.

Thursday, 29 December, 2011  
Blogger Unknown said...

Nice concept. One thing I do not understand is how robotic maintenance would be less of a disturbance than humans. For example, people can produce less noise than machines in some cases if they're well trained. Could we not send in a certain group of well-trained people that are not easily replaced to do the job?

Friday, 30 December, 2011  
Blogger SwampWoman said...

Nice concept, but I can't help thinking that it probably would not withstand hurricane force winds without major or catastrophic damage to the flora and/or fauna.

But, what the heck. Hope somebody builds one so we can all see what happens.

Saturday, 31 December, 2011  

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