09 November 2011

The Al Fin Family of Blogs: A Brief Link Directory

Al Fin 2100 -- this blog -- began in the year 2005. Over the years, the original blog hatched a small brood of other blogs, which have come to specialise more or less on particular areas of interest to the Al Fin writing staff. Here is the current set of links to the Al Fin blogs:

Al Fin 2100 "Al Fin" This is the largest and most general blog of the family.

Al Fin 2101 "Al Fin, the Next Level" Tends to specialise in future trends and technologies, but is currently focusing on "The Dangerous Child Method" of childhood education.

Al Fin 2200 "abu al-fin" Focuses generally on political topics

Al Fin 2300 "Al Fin Energy" Highlights energy technologies and trends

Al Fin 2400 "Al Fin Potpourri" Something of a grab-bag of topics, many quite odd-ball in nature

Al Fin 2500 "Al Fin, You Sexy Thing!" Takes a serious and not-so-serious look at sexual topics

Al Fin 2600 "Al Fin Longevity" Topics related to life extension and gerontology

Al Fin 2700 "Al Fin Affictionado" Idle for over 2 years, focused on fiction. Waiting for rejuvenation

These blogs publish new material as it becomes available, and also serve as archives for pertinent articles from the Al Fin blog. The story of how they all proliferated is beyond the scope of this posting. Besides, publishing information about how blogs reproduce might get me reported to Google, resulting in this blog being banned.


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