21 October 2011

The Third World? It's Murder Out There!

The above map gives a rough idea of where the global hot spots of murder occur. Across Latin America, the Caribbean, SubSaharan Africa, and other third world areas. A finer level of detail, seen in the tables below, reveals the third world hot spots of crime seen first in regions, then in particular countries. If we chose to look even closer, we would see concentrations of third world crime within the inner cities and banlieus of Europe, North America, and Oceania.

The tables below are taken from Wikipedia "List of countries by intentional homicide rate"

Intentional homicide rates per 100,000 population by region 2004[5] 2010[6]
Southern Africa 37.3 32
Central America 29.3 25
South America 25.9 21
West and Central Africa 21.6 19
East Africa 20.8 23
Africa 20 17.4
Caribbean 18.1 21
Americas 16.2 15.5
East Europe 15.7 7
North Africa 7.6 6
World 7.6 6.9
North America 6.5 4.7
Central Asia and Transcaucasian countries 6.6 6
Europe 5.4 3.5
Near and Middle East/Southwest Asia 4.4 3
Oceania 4 3.5
South Asia 3.4 4
Asia 3.2 3.1
Southeast Europe 3.2 1.5
East and Southeast Asia 2.8 3
West and Central Europe 1.5 1.2

Country Sources 2010
 Honduras [7][8] 78
 El Salvador [7][8] 66
 Jamaica [7] 52
 Venezuela [9] 48
 Belize [7][8][10] 42
 Guatemala [7][8] 41
 Colombia [11] 38
 Saint Kitts and Nevis [7] 38
 Trinidad and Tobago [12] 37
 South Africa [13] 32
 Bahamas [7] 28
 Brazil [14] 25
 Dominican Republic [7] 25
 Saint Lucia [7] 25
 Dominica [7] 22
 Panama [7][8] 22
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines [7] 22
 Ecuador [7] 18
 Guyana [7] 18
 Mexico [15] 18
 Russia [16] 13
 Nicaragua [7][8] 13
 Grenada [7] 12
 Paraguay [7] 12
 Barbados [7] 11
 Costa Rica [7][8] 11
 Bolivia [7] 8.9
 Moldova [7] 7.4
 Haiti [7] 6.9
 Antigua and Barbuda [7] 6.8
 Estonia [17] 6.3
 Uruguay [7] 6.1
 Thailand [7] 5.3
 United States [18] 4.8
 Georgia [7] 4.1
 Latvia [19] 3.6
 Taiwan [20] 3.2
 Bangladesh [21] 2.4
 Lebanon [7] 2.2
 Israel [7][22] 2.1
 Macedonia [7] 1.94
 New Zealand [23] 1.76
 Czech Republic [24] 1.67
 Canada [25] 1.62
 Morocco [7] 1.40
 Chile [26] 1.33
 Ireland [27] 1.25
 Netherlands [28] 0.87
 Denmark [29] 0.85
 Germany [30] 0.84
 Japan (including attempts) [31] 0.83
 Austria [32] 0.56
Intentional homicide tends to drop off in areas of greater development, and where populations are most homogeneous and the least multicultural. As Europe, Canada, and Oceania become more multicultural -- closer to the United States -- the crime rates for those areas are likely to approach the crime rates in the US. If countries such as Finland are able to resist immigration from the third world, they should be able to keep their crime rates among the lowest in the world.

Honduras is on the path to having the highest murder rates in the world.

Jamaica is a perennial crime capital of the Caribbean -- which is saying quite a lot.

Latin America is often dangerous, but if you look you should find some safe havens.

Part of the problem involves race. As we have noted before, in the US, African American males are the worst violent offenders. Take away African American crime from the US, and the country compares well with the best of Europe on that score.

Areas of the world with large populations of African descent will typically have high rates of violent crime. Low IQ and low impulse control appear to be the most likely heritable traits contributing to high violent crime among Africans and among persons of African descent. The violent gangsta rap culture also contributes an "expectation of violence" and early death among its many adherents in the ghetto and among wannabes elsewhere.

US Hispanics likewise exhibit higher rates of violent crime than both European and Asian Americans, although Hispanic crime rates are not nearly as high as African American crime rates. That being the case, one must wonder why Latin American crime rates rival the worst of African rates.

Part of the problem is the violently competitive drug trade in Latin America. Another part of the problem is the conflation caused by African-descended populations living in Latin American cities contributing to high crime rates there. In addition, given the extreme high rates of crime within some indigenous tribes in Latin America, one must allow for the possibility that some behavioural traits contributing to criminal behaviour are inherited within the mestizo communities. Original settlers and conquerors from Spain and Portugal were not necessarily the most peace-loving members of their societies. They have no doubt passed along some of their propensity to violence to their descendants. Finally, the latino culture is a machismo culture, which can contribute to postures of ready violence among men, often egged on by women.

Given these possible reasons for high crime in Africa and Latin America, it should be clear that the politically correct agenda of modern leftists will be of absolutely no help at all in lowering third world crime rates.

So what do we do? First of all, immigration from the third world into the advanced world should be severely curtailed immediately. Second, black markets within the advanced world which contribute to third world crime should be crippled, using market means and deregulation as much as possible rather than law enforcement. Third, every effort should be made to aid the deportation of third world career criminals who have taken up residence within advanced nations.

More on this topic later.

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Blogger Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Several months ago I stumbled across a link that mapped out the murders over the past 10 years in Manhattan. Manhattan of course, over the past decade went through a demographic transformation, becoming majority white. The map broke out the murders showing the perpetrators and victims by race.

If you took out the black and hispanic perps, the rate dropped to some negligible amount. The remaining white and asian murders seemed largely a domestic affair (ie. one gay murdering his lover in a fit a rage). The chance of being a victim of white or Asian predator, unknown to the victim, was remote.

I dream of the days (pre 1960's) where in some towns and cities, people left their doors unlocked and keys in the ignition. Crime, both physical and property, was that remote.

Today I am putting in Segal style locks (the thieves are getting much more brazen and have figured a quick bypass to a standard dead bolt) and sleep with a .40cal S&W next to the bed

Saturday, 22 October, 2011  
Blogger al fin said...

I hear you.

Third world immigrants to the first world think they are escaping the problems of the third world. But they are actually bringing the problems along with them.

Monday, 24 October, 2011  

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