11 August 2011

London Takes a Break After 4 Days and Nights of Festivities

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London multiculturalists decided to take a relative break from their festivities Wednesday night, generally satisfied with the quality of celebration. London police take a "live and let live" attitude toward the multicultural activities of the week, but the ugly face of vigilantism may be peeking round the corner.
After four nights of violence, many are saying enough is enough and they will stop the looters themselves if the authorities cannot.

Police have warned that vigilantes are putting their own safety at risk and could make matters worse. The risks were highlighted by the death of three Muslim men run over by a car while protecting their area in the central English city of Birmingham on Tuesday. _NP
The police are clearly taking the high road here, and if the rest of Britain would only follow the lead of UK police forces, the multiculturalists will eventually tire of partying and wind down their celebrations in good time.

Some outsiders are trying to paint this multicultural holiday as some sort of "failure of multiculturalism," but it certainly seems that the multiculturalists are having it mostly all their own way. What are these critics on about?
The death of multicultural society and the economic crisis are to blame for the riots that have convulsed London and other British cities this week, head of the Russian upper house's international affairs committee Mikhail Margelov said on Wednesday.

"I think the events occurring in the English cities have at least two reasons. One is fundamental: it's the death of multiculturalism, a eulogy which the heads of Germany, France and Great Britain have recently delivered. The value of tolerance, or in other words the value of difference, has been accepted neither by 'indigenous' Europeans nor by immigrants," Margelov said. "The two sides merely tolerate each other. And patience is the kind of thing that runs out from time to time." _rianru
Crazy Ivan clearly doesn't know what he is talking about. There is very little standing in the way of similar multicultural celebrations due to take place across European cities generally. Multiculturalism is far from dead, despite what those crazy Russkies may say.

Australians are similarly critical:
AT the risk of being politically incorrect, is it possible that the current rioting in England is a result of embracing a multicultural society at a rate faster than the Anglo-Saxon community can cope with? If this is the case, are there lessons here for Australia? _TheAustralian
No, John, there are no lessons for you there in Australia. Just relax and enjoy. Multiculturalism is already there and growing larger and more festive every night while you are sleeping. Resisting only makes you look like an old fogie who is unable to change with the times.

PM Cameron has pulled thousands of extra UK Police to London from other areas, to observe the multicultural festivities from a distance. These extra police may have convinced many multicultural celebrants to relax and perhaps take a night off. Others may decide to take their celebrations to other UK cities, outside of London.

No one knows what is in store for the happy multiculturalists of the UK in the coming days and weeks. But we can be fairly sure that these celebrations will continue to pop up in cities wherever multiculturalists take their light-hearted approach to living seriously. In fact, excitable UK multiculturalists of the muslim persuasion are hoping to revitalise the celebrations, and spice them up with something really crazy. Those wild and crazy guys!

Keep your eyes open. Your home town may be the next to play host to this growing global phenomenon. Better stock up on party favours!

Excerpted from an earlier posting on abu al-fin

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Blogger kurt9 said...

You're evolving a Steve Sailor-esque sense of humor. Good for you!

Thursday, 11 August, 2011  
Blogger Cheryl Pass said...

Tongue firmly placed in your sardonic cheek...!! Good one!

Thursday, 11 August, 2011  
Blogger Borepatch said...

Multiculturalism is already there and growing larger and more festive every night while you are sleeping.


Thursday, 11 August, 2011  
Blogger Dave said...

John Derbyshire estimates that blacks comprise about 2% of the British population but 60 - 70% of the rioters.


Pakistanis and Indians Jailed for Starting Birmingham Riots


Friday, 12 August, 2011  

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