09 August 2011

Finding Room to Stash the Masses Down the Rabbit Hole

All Images via Gizmag

Urbanisation is proceeding at full speed in the third world, as the growing mass of fertile persons swarm to population centres for work and meaning. "Where to put these swelling crowds of bodies?" ask the functionaries of third world countries. For a group of Mexican architects, the answer is clear: Put them down the rabbit hole.
This ambitious "Earthscraper" concept from BNKR Aquitectura seeks to address several problems faced by Mexico City - a growing population, the lack of new plots for construction, the need to conserve historic buildings and height restrictions on new structures. "The historic center of Mexico City is in desperate need for a pragmatic make-over," says BNKR. The solution - build an inverted pyramid underneath the main plaza at the heart of the city _Gizmag

A kind of reversal of the historical Aztec pyramid, the Earthscraper would aim to preserve the visual aesthetic of the historic city square whilst also retaining the public space, commonly used year round for events such as concerts, political gatherings, open-air exhibitions and cultural celebrations. The 775,000 square meter design is capped with a glass "roof" and habitable spaces are positioned around the central void, allowing natural light to filter down to even the lowest of levels. _Gizmag

The first ten stories would offer a tourist attraction, with all floors displaying Aztec and Mayan artifacts in a pre-Columbian museum. The design sees the next ten stories filled with retail shops and domestic housing, whilst the deepest levels offer 35 stories of office space. _Gizmag
It all sounds rather idealistic, if not utopian. More realistically, if such a hole were dug, it would be used as a high security prison for Mexico's most violent drug gangs and political insurgents. If you dig it, they will come.

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Blogger bruce said...

when it rains it will be a really pretty whirlpool

Tuesday, 09 August, 2011  
Blogger kx59 said...

Silly idea in my opinion. Keeping water out of buildings is hard enough when they are above ground. Build only 20 or 30 feet into a water table and the head pressure will find every weakness in your water proofing system.

Thursday, 11 August, 2011  
Blogger al fin said...

Sure. But posting this topic is more of a springboard for ideas. How would you do it?

Get creative. The greatest shortage in the human world is the relative lack of human ingenuity, innovation, and invention.

Sure, the world spews too much information at us everyday to digest and do much with. We have to make instant judgments as to what we will spend our limited time on.

But time spent thinking creatively is rarely wasted as long as we work within reasonable constraints.

There are ways to build workable long-term underground colonies. Many of the same principles would apply to polar colonies, seasteads, undersea colonies, and space colonies.

We have a great world almost custom made for us. Things can change.

Friday, 12 August, 2011  

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