25 May 2011

Understanding the Brain: Videos via Simoleon Sense

via SimoleonSense

Simoleon Sense has been a particularly seminal website for the dissemination of ideas which underlie the economic behaviours of humans. Miguel links to a wide array of viewpoints, many of which contradict each other. That is the best -- perhaps the only -- approach to take in order to most closely approach a global maximum of "truth."

The videos for the day are meant to help understand how the human brain -- your brain -- works. Here is a list of links to scholarly videos from the Society for Social Neuroscience.

Larry Young: Effects of Oxytocin on social behaviour
Bruce McEwen: The brain as an organ of stress
David Amodio: Control of thinking processes

Unfortunately, modern educational systems are not helping students to make the best use of their amazing, complex brains (NYT via SimoleonSense)

Each human brain is a dynamic data point within the vast matrix of global human society. Understanding mass behaviour of societies is a challenging task, given that humans do not yet have a decent inkling of how individual brains work.

No matter how futile the task, however, chipping away at the challenge does occupy the time and can occasionally lead to profitable discoveries.

More: Peter Thiel pays 24 winners of the Thiel Fellowship $100,000 NOT TO ATTEND COLLEGE! The fellowship promotes entrepreneurship and the building of new businesses as a better way of learning about life. Face it: Being indoctrinated into dysfunctional groupthink -- whether at Harvard or at Podunk U. -- is worse than a waste of your brain's potential. Today's college indoctrination and academic lobotomisation is actually the destruction of yours and your children's potential, besides being a rapid route to debilitating debt.


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