19 January 2011

New Europe: Sexual Predators Groom Young Sex Slaves

One of the many disturbing side effects of the ongoing Islamic demographic incursion into Europe, is the tidal wave of rape and sexual predation that results. From Sweden to the UK, very young girls are falling victim to rape gangs and specialised gangs who lure young teens into sex slavery, using drugs and other lures.
...most cases of gang-led, on-street grooming [into sex slavery] that have come to light involve British Muslim offenders and young white girls.

Most disturbingly, the police say that these convictions form only a small
proportion of a ‘tidal wave’ of such crimes. Yet, until now, there has been a conspiracy of silence over this phenomenon.

...these ­particular gang members are overwhelmingly Muslim men. And the common ­characteristic is not ethnicity, but religion.

For these gang members select their victims from communities which they believe to be ‘unbelievers’ — non-Muslims whom they view with disdain and hostility.

You can see that this is not a racial but a religious animosity from the fact that, while the vast majority of the girls who are targeted are white, the victims include Sikhs and Hindus, too. _DailyMail
Recent teen girl victims of a sex-slave gang that was successfully prosecuted, are being threatened with retribution from gang members.
...the girls, whose evidence nailed the gang from Derby, have been told that they will be targeted again.

A mother of one victim, who tried to kill herself after being drugged and raped by the mob, told the Daily Star: “All the girls who gave evidence are scared to death.

“They have been warned as soon as this lot get out they will return to ‘do them all again’. “All these girls are vulnerable and terrified.”

The gang’s ringleaders, Abid Saddique and Mohammed Liaqat, both 28, were last week jailed for a total of 19 years. Seven other members of their gang were earlier jailed for 22 years in total.

But the mum said: “The sentences they got were a joke. They should have been banged up for life, but some will be out in a few months and back on the streets.” _DailyStar
This unfortunate side effect of "culture clash" is fairly widespread, although there is something of a government blackout on information exposing these gangs.
NINE Asian men have been quizzed by police over claims they groomed white teenage girls as sex slaves, it emerged yesterday.

The suspects were held in a series of swoops after 14 girls, some as young as 13, said they were lured off the streets and plied with drink and drugs before being taken to homes for sex.

Some were also allegedly forced into prostitution.

The nine suspects, aged between 20 and 40, were arrested on suspicion of rape, inciting child prostitution, sexual activity with a child under 16 and allowing a premises to be used for prostitution.

The arrests took place last month and the men have been released on bail until March.

...Greater Manchester Police have refused to confirm the ethnicity of the suspects saying it was “not relevant” to the alleged crimes. _Express

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Blogger kurt9 said...

You will notice the usual disclaimers about how the ethnic identity of the perpetrators is "not relevant" to the commission of the crimes in all three articles. The first article you link to is full of shrill warnings not to "stereotype" certain immigrant ethnic groups.

Using medical terminology, Europe obviously has a social immunodeficiency disease, along with an autoimmunity disease.

Wednesday, 19 January, 2011  

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