05 December 2010

Mysterious Shape Shifting Creature Appears Almost Human!

This amazing creature can appear to be either male or female, and can adopt several different ethnicities. The order of the images is deceptively placed -- making it appear as if a young human child is growing older. But in reality, the youngest-looking images are the most recent!

The shifter sometimes appears as a grown woman with full breasts, or as a hairy chested man with male genitals. The montage below illustrates the same shifter as a young woman, but it was actually created years before the "baby pictures" which are displayed above.

Finally, here again is the creature demonstrating a remarkable 10 year transformation in a mere one minute and 25 seconds. As before, the transformation has been reversed on the video, as a joke -- since in reality the creature changed from a ten year old to a mere newborn in only 1' 25". Inserting itself into a hospital nursery bassinet is but one of the many ways it has to get others to take care of it, while it does its mischief.

There is really no way to anticipate the next form that the shifter will adopt. It may be near you now, closer than you might imagine. Beware the shifter, lest it leave you cold, penniless, and alone, in the coming ice age of global cooling.


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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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