02 November 2010

Answer to Global Aging? Traveling Stud Ensenbles

The world faces a population bomb of old people, such as those seated on the bench above. Not only are countries such as Russia and Japan doomed to fade into the twilight of history due to ultra-low birthrates. Entire towns and regions of developed nations such as the United States and Canada are dwindling into non-existence.

It is not only prairie towns, farm towns, and isolated rural towns that are shrinking to nothing. Scenic coastal towns such as Camden, Maine, are desperate to prevent the continuing loss of population. Much more than regional colour, history, and tax bases are being lost. Entire ways of life and culture are slipping out of time. What is to be done?
A new industry is rising up to meet the needs of aging populations -- particularly in North America, but also in western Europe. Traveling ensembles of human studs, such as the Latin Stallions, have risen to prevent the threatened demographic disaster.

Al Fin recently traveled to Camden, to meet with Jose Mendez, El Jefe of the Latin Stallions.

Al Fin: Why have you and the Stallions come to Camden, Jefe? Were you invited by the mayor or city council?

Jefe: (Laughing) No, Al. We could see there was a need for our services here. The population is dropping because the bit-... uh, the young women are not having babies. It's a problem we know how to solve, so we're solving it.

AF: But how do the townspeople of Camden react to what you are doing?

Jefe: The bi-... er, women don't mind, Al. Some of the older people give us the dirty looks, sure. It's an Anglo thing for unmarried women and girls not to have babies. But you see where that hangup's got them? We're here to help.

AF: So the Stallions are just here temporarily? You don't plan to settle here, like on a stud farm, maybe get married?

Jefe: Hell, no, Al! We're the "Travlin" Latin Stallions. We don't stop no place for nobody. There's lots of towns like Camden that needs us.

AF: Okay, but how do you finance your travels? Who pays your way as you go from shrinking town to shrinking town?

Jefe: We don' talk about that to the public, Al. But we're more than just studs. We're businessmen. We move more than one product, if you know what I mean.

AF: I think I do, Jefe. Well, thanks for speaking with me, and good luck re-populating the small towns and backwoods.

Jefe: Hey, no problem Al. We know what needs to be done. If these ... women need a little help, we're there for it.

See, Al, in a capitalist country there's solutions to any problem you got. Sometimes you need an outsider to see what needs to be done....


There you have it. The outlook for Russia and Japan may not be so bright, unless such countries can develop stud solutions of their own. Artificial wombs might be the best solution, but we are still years and decades away from being able to mass produce effective artificial wombs. Until then, the ... er, women may need something a bit more convincing to help them see the light. Perhaps something more studly than they are accustomed to?

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Blogger kurt9 said...

You're developing a sarcastic sense of humor, like that of Steve Sailor.

This reminds me of the "black on white" porn that seems to be common on the internet these days.

Tuesday, 02 November, 2010  
Blogger gtg723y said...

Would it not be more productive to have more intelligent men act as stud? Perhaps as the American housing market crashes more foreign companies will build plants in America in order to maximize profits. It has happened in two counties in GA as far as I know, it completely revitalized the areas. Once the factories opened up and the companies started hiring, the housing markets picked up and the support industries and the jobs they provide moved in. So maybe there is hope, and people willing to believe in us.

Thursday, 04 November, 2010  
Blogger Glowing Face Man said...

"Would it not be more productive to have more intelligent men act as stud?"

Men with true intelligence mask it. Intelligence is about leveraging your mind to get what you want-- not about solving rubiks cubes. And if (like all heterosexual men) what you want is women, and women choose thugs, then the intelligent man is a thug.

Sunday, 07 November, 2010  
Blogger gtg723y said...

True: i forgot how much men are like squirrels.

So you know little girsl like thugs, jocks, and skeezy frat guys. And if your ambition in life is to get with little girls that the CDC is tracking then advertise as you wish, but do not confuse it with intelligence.

My point was that if you were going to seed the population with a stud program would it not make more sense to go with Dolf Lundgren types rather than run of the mill low IQ thugs. If you are going to use a stud, use a stud.

Wednesday, 10 November, 2010  
Blogger deniborin said...

interesting article,, thanks for sharing .. I am glad to read it because it adds to my knowledge

Monday, 15 November, 2010  

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