01 September 2010

Jobs are Scarce Unless You Know Where to Look

Since Obama Pelosi was put in place, millions of Americans have lost their jobs. The private sector is shriveling before our eyes. Obama has been particularly hard on construction, manufacturing, business startups, the financial sector, the energy sector, and any part of the economy not dominated by labour unions, environmental lobbies, or trial lawyers. The outlook under the current regime continues to be bleak into the indefinite future.
Vanishing of jobs will plague the rest of this decade and more. Meaningful employment is no longer guaranteed to dutiful, studious members of the middle class in the Western world. College education, which was hugely expanded after World War II and sold as a basic right, is doing a poor job of preparing young people for life outside of a narrow band of the professional class. _Chronicle
Government is hiring. And if you want to pick and choose for the best federal jobs, insiders put the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission at the top of the list.

Ordinarily, the government doesn't create wealth, but can certainly regulate those who do. The Obama Pelosi regime has decided to go against tradition, and try to grow wealth by hiring as many government regulators as possible.

So if you can find the right government job, you should be set for life, right? Well, no. You should have thought of that 30 years ago, so that you could be retiring to a life of ease in your early to middle 50s -- with a yearly income that might make many retired millionaires envious.

No, if you are just now getting into government work, you'd better be prepared for some very rude awakenings over the next decade or two. Today's private sector is not what it used to be. There is only so much flogging and ravaging that it can take from an overgrown government sector and overblown government pensions, benefits and mandated entitlements, taxes, and regulations. Things fall apart. Expect it, and prepare for it.

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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