06 July 2010

Drat that Too, Too Persistent Gender Gap!

... persistent male-female SAT math test gap over time. The 35-point gap in math test scores in 2009 (average score of 534 for boys and 499 for girls) is basically unchanged from the 36-point test score gaps in 1973 (525 vs. 489) and 1974 (524 vs. 488). In other words, the male-female SAT math score gap has persisted for decades for a large sample size of more than 30 million American high school students who have taken the SAT since 1972. _CarpeDiem

The gender gap at the upper levels of math and science testing just will not go away, no matter how much money the forces of politically correct faux egalitarianism throw down the drain.
A study that examined 30 years of standardized test data from the very highest-scoring seventh graders has found that performance differences between boys and girls have narrowed considerably, but boys still outnumber girls by more than about 3-to-1 at extremely high levels of math ability and scientific reasoning.

At the same time, girls slightly outnumber boys at extremely high levels of verbal reasoning and writing ability

....The findings come from a study performed by Duke University's Talent Identification Program, which relies on SAT and ACT tests administered to the top 5 percent of 7th graders to identify gifted students and nurture their intellectual talents. There were more than 1.6 million such students in this study.

Researchers Jonathan Wai, Megan Cacchio, Martha Putallaz and Matthew C. Makel focused in particular on gifted seventh graders who scored 700 or above on the SAT's math or verbal tests, which is higher than most high school juniors score.

Among these students at the very top of the performance curve, the differences in verbal and mathematical performance have maintained a persistent gender gap over the last 15 years, said Jonathan Wai, a post-doctoral research associate at Duke TIP, and lead author on a paper appearing in the July/August issue of the journal Intelligence. _SD

Gender difference deniers use a combination of not-so-subtle tricks in an attempt to whitewash the persistent score gap. They will often look at pre-pubertal (or early pubertal) scores, which do not reflect the significant transition that occurs in brains of young men and women going through puberty. They also look at mid-levels of performance in math and science -- such as scores in routine math or physics course, or numbers of math teachers by gender -- which fail to examine the issue in question: top level math and science performance.

As opportunities for women in science, math, and engineering have multiplied -- and as billions of dollars have been spent to try to force young women into technical and scientific fields -- the performance of women at the highest levels of math and science as measured by top level awards of achievement, have not significantly changed.

The brains of human males and females tend to develop differently in response to hormonal stimulation at various stages of development. During puberty, the differences become particularly evident, both to brain scanning and to cognitive testing. You could even say that humans before puberty exist in a type of "larval stage." Any comparisons of male and female abilities during the larval stage are somewhat academic -- yet the minions of faux egalitarianism persist in arguing from such comparisons, and others that are similarly invalid.

This would not be nearly as much of a problem if not for the destructive effect of public policy which attempt to force a faux egalitarian outcome on a society made up of individuals and population groups which are simply not technically or practically equal. What we have, in effect, is a War Against Boys, in an expensive and heavy-handed social engineering project to destroy natural differences using bureaucratic means.

The result is a society that is falling behind in engineering and the math-intensive sciences -- if not for a massive importation of young men from other countries to fill the engineering and math-intensive science slots, which native-born American males have been push out of by educational malpractise in the early and middle years.

The longer these fools are left in charge, the greater the overall destruction to society.


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Blogger gtg723y said...

To be honest ones ability to perform mathematically should be judged on an individual basis. I would also like to point out that men that excel in higher math do not feel intimidated by the women that also excel in higher math, in fact they lament that there are not more women capable of surviving the bell curve.

I would also like to bring up that archeologists have found that Neanderthal women have the same injuries as the male whereas our ancestors do not. Therefore it is not outrageous to say the gender equality, at least in labor devision could have lead to their extinction, whereas our ancestors chose to specialize based on gender. It appears that such specialization is far more successful. We should stop reducing our efficiency because a small few women, who in all likelihood are not good enough to hang with the men, got their feelings hurt and decided that it isn't because they couldn't compete it is because they are women. My experience has shown that most men listen to me and what I have to say concerning engineering because what I say makes scene, that includes the skilled tradesmen and journeymen I have worked with, its the unskilled and unintelligent men I have problems with, and all women hate my guts.

Wednesday, 07 July, 2010  
Blogger al fin said...

The problem comes from the government's attempts to "remedy" a problem that is innate in nature.

The imbalance of math and spatial skills is not prominent until you look at the top end of the curve. But it is crucial.

That top end of the curve is what creates and makes possible most of the comfort and security of affluent societies. If you destroy the scientific / technical output of your society, it may as well be Zimbabwe or Haiti.

Perhaps that is what the gender-sizers of the new reich order are trying to do?

Thursday, 08 July, 2010  
Blogger gtg723y said...

The gender-sizers are not intelligent enough to look at a system and understand it, due to their lack of spatial reasoning skills. The are only capable of feeling not thinking and are envious of those who can do both. It has been my experience that most women are jealous, petty, and vengeful. Three traits which easily explain Title 9, although title 9 is about to take a huge hit, Cheer-leading is about to be made a sport by law.

Besides who would want to live in a place like Haiti?

Thursday, 08 July, 2010  

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