25 June 2010

Submersible Seastead with Human-Powered Commute

Some seastead will be unable to move out of the way of large storms due to their design. If such a seastead were able to safely submerge to a safe depth below the wind and waves, it could solve the problem of storms without the need for a large and expensive floating breakwater.
The Sub-Biosphere is able to float on the surface as a floating seastead, or to submerge to become an underwater habitat. This bi-functionality would serve well for marine research.
By building modules that could separate and either float or submerge as individual components, the Sub-Biosphere could allow for significant exchange between similar seasteads, and provide for flexible changes in size and population.
For underwater movement between modules, submerged seasteads, or seafloor habitats, the Scubster pedal-powered wet sub provides both exercise and undersea mobility.

All of this subsea activity is merely prelude to the coming of Homo Submarinari -- a new subspecies of human which will be able to live virtually its entire life underwater. With gene-engineered gills and partially webbed hands and feet, healthy permanent subsea communities of Homo Submarinari would provide a close watch on the health of the oceans, along with permanent surface seasteads.

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