17 June 2010

Murder of the US Constitution? Suicide by Government?


US states and municipalities are drowning under a tsunami of public sector debt.

So what does the US Congress do about it? The Democratic Party controlled Senate is rushing to pass a law to force ALL US states to give public sector employees the right to collective bargaining -- even if the states have explicitly chosen not to do so! Despite the looming catastrophe hanging over virtually all the states and cities that have allowed these workers to unionise, the Obama Pelosi regime is pressing a knife to the throat of states that are already struggling to survive economically.
The Senate is moving closer to passing legislation that would require states to grant public-safety employees, including police, firefighters and emergency medical workers, the right to collectively bargain over hours and wages.

The bill, known as the Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act, would mainly affect about 20 states that don't grant collective-bargaining rights statewide for public-safety workers or that prohibit such bargaining. State and municipal associations, as well as business groups, oppose it, saying it will lead to higher labor costs and taxes, at a time of budget deficits.

...The House passed a version of the bill in 2007. If enacted, the legislation would be a significant victory for unions, which are smarting over the failure of Democrats to pass a separate, broader bill that would have made it easier for unions to organize workers, especially in the private sector, where union membership has been in decline for years.

...If the bill becomes law, state and municipal associations expect legal challenges, saying the legislation might violate states' constitutional rights.

"If states and localities have chosen not to go in the direction of collective bargaining, that should be their right to do so," said Neil Bomberg, a lobbyist for the National League of Cities. Currently, 15 states don't grant collective-bargaining rights to public-safety workers on a statewide basis, two states, Virginia and North Carolina, prohibit such workers from bargaining, and four states allow collective bargaining for firefighters but not for police.

Mr. Bomberg said the National League of Cities is "neutral" on collective bargaining, but that the bill would be "a huge problem" for cash-strapped municipalities to hire staff or contract with collective-bargaining experts to negotiate with unions. _WSJ

Clearly, the US Congress is an ass -- a suicidal ass at that. The US Constitution was meant to limit the federal government to a few specified functions. The states were meant to be sovereign over most procedural matters of state government. The passage of this bill would simply add to the ongoing death knell for the constitution, and the US economy.

Such a simple thing, an innocent sounding thing. Until you understand the implications of how it is being done, and what the ultimate effect will be in the long run. Then it becomes absolutely devastating.

More: The US federal government itself is exploding in debt. That means we can expect more huge new spending proposals from Obama Pelosi. The strategy appears to be to overload the US economy with overwhelming debt which is programmed to snowball within a few short years to unimaginable proportions. By that time, most of the perpetrators within the Obama Pelosi government may wisely choose to take a wealthy retirement in Costa Rica.

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Blogger gtg723y said...

Remember according to macro/Keynesian economics Government create wealth through public spending. I had to drop macro econ and take micro b/c i refused to ignore all the math I strived so hard to learn.

Thursday, 17 June, 2010  

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