08 June 2010

Militaries of the World By Size

The map gives a rough idea of where the military strength of the world is concentrated. The raw numbers allow us a closer look into the total military manpower of a nation. _via ImpactLab
  • China – 8,740,000

  • North Korea – 5,995,000

  • Vietnam – 5,992,000

  • India – 4,514,300

  • Russia – 3,796,100

  • Iran – 3,675,000

  • South Korea – 3,579,500

  • U.S. – 3,385,400

  • Brazil – 2,405,122

  • Taiwan – 1,965,500

  • Pakistan – 1,480,000

  • Ukraine – 1,260,500

  • Cuba – 1,231,500

  • Egypt – 1,109,000

  • Turkey – 1,075,000

  • Indonesia – 1,007,000

  • ImpactLab

    Demographic change has taken Europe and Japan out of the military manpower picture. Russia's demographic contraction is rapidly taking ethnic Russians out of the picture -- Russia is increasingly filling its lower ranks with Islamic Central Asians of questionable loyalty.

    Nuclear weapons can make up for a lack of military manpower -- until your nation is invaded and occupied by a foreign army. Then who will you bomb? Yourself? The ongoing invasion of Europe by violence-prone third world immigrants who cannot be either educated or assimilated will add to Europe's many woes as the continent's population shrinks and transforms. Against such an invasion, there is no defense for a population averse to reproducing.

    Tiny Israel has held its own against the violently exploding Arab populations surrounding it. But demographics is likely to prove the ultimate weakness of the Jewish homeland experiment. When one's population of militarily trained and equipped manpower shrinks below a certain point compared to the opposition, technology is not capable of saving you.

    But where is that point of no return? With the coming of military robots, directed energy weapons, military nanotech and advanced military biotech, military pharmacology, and so on, the balancing point of technology vs. manpower has shifted abit -- and is likely to continue to shift with research and development.

    Military technologies carry their own requirements for intelligence and competence in their practitioners. This limits their use to the "smart fraction" of a population -- depending upon the technology. In nations with small smart fractions, the use of advanced military technologies will be limited to a few. Since the most rapid population growth is occurring in nations with very small "smart fractions", technology will prove increasingly important in future balance of militaries.

    Again, when one's own country has been infiltrated by a rapidly procreating, uneducable, untrainable, unassimilable alien culture, one is necessarily limited in terms of military technologies in case of alien insurrection and civil war. Israel of today may be a useful blueprint for what many parts of Europe and the Anglosphere will be like within a few decades of continuing demographic transition.

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