08 May 2010

Negative Climate Feedbacks Mock Carbon Hysteria

Bill Gates has donated $300,000 to Silver Lining, a San Francisco group that wants to spray a microscopic seawater mist into the sky -- to reflect sunlight back into space -- for purposes of cooling the planet. Such "anthropogenic negative climate feedback" would be adjustable -- so that if the planet became too cool, they could turn off the misting until things heated up again.

But are such geoengineering schemes really necessary? Climate scientist Roy Spencer says the oceans are already doing a very fine job of natural negative feedback moderation of global heat cycles -- whether natural or manmade. Recent "unprecedented" drops in ocean temperatures suggest that there is more going on than the climate catastrophe orthodoxy understands. And while climate change is real (climate always changes), the underlying mechanisms of climate change remain largely unknown to human science.

In fact, human science has barely begun to grasp the mechanisms of climate and climate change. Mobs of criminals have grasped onto "climate change" as a means of ripping off investors and taxpayers (via ClimateDepot). And the further governments dig themselves into the climate hysteria hole, the more devastating will be the economic fallout for their citizens.

It is time to call a "time out" from the hysteria, and to begin an intensive program of data collection, correlation, and analysis. There is nothing moral or enlightened about being hoodwinked and bamboozled by criminals and opportunists.

H/T Tom Nelson

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Blogger KGould said...

I shudder to think sometimes about artificially cooling the planet because I live in a region that already sees it's fair share of cool/cold climate. Just a few days ago, an area one hour south of me received over 70cm of snow in 2 days.. That is right along the Montana border with Alberta so it's not 'the north', really. We have endured over 2 weeks of well below seasonal weather, several inches of snow a few times, and it is COLD.

If these projects move ahead without us further understanding climate change, what could happen to my region? We are vastly reliant on good crops, oil/gas (which can be shut down during excessive wet weather like we are having now), and it is cold enough already. We hit -40C in winter and +40C in summer. It's been that way for as long as I can remember (I am 37). If we were forced to be made cooler so that other parts of the world could drop a few degrees, what happens to us? And to those further north who already experience -40, -50, -60C? All in the name of what, exactly? Pseudo-Science?

It seems to me they could be taking a big chance and sacrificing a few million people in order to test their flimsy theories and it, quite frankly, makes me very uneasy. It doesn't have to be about pure science in my opinion, it also has to factor in common sense and real life effects on people who already live in cooler climates.

Saturday, 08 May, 2010  
Blogger al fin said...

KC: I doubt that any of these giant geoengineering schemes will ever be implemented. But the big money interests behind the carbon schemes and scams have to project the mood of climate hysteria -- so that something must be done, even if it is wrong!

No, what they want is to get the big trading schemes in operation so that they can skim hundreds of $billions or more off the top.

The UN wants to implement huge redistribution programs to transfer $trillions from the developed world to the third world -- where most of the UN lives.

It's about the money, not the climate.

Sunday, 09 May, 2010  

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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