30 April 2010

Science Journal "Nature" Opens to Climate Heretics?

Update: This translation from a different Finnish source is a bit more readable:
University of Turku study showed that carbon dioxide is a significantly smaller impact on global warming than previously thought.

Results are based on, inter alia, spectrum analysis, "says Wednesday's newspaper Turun Sanomat .

study led by Professor Jyrki Kauppinen according to increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide to explain only 5-10 percent of observed global warming.
- Climate yes warms up, but not greenhouse gases because, Kauppinen says.

According to him, the UN climate panel IPCC to date projections is a single class-size error.
- the International Panel on Climate Change calculated value is more than ten times larger than our calculated result, Kauppinen says Turun Sanomat .

Climate Panel's view, climate Global warming is almost entirely man-made carbon dioxide emissions result. Kauppinen, climate kestääkin much higher emissions than the IPCC reports have been made to understand.

- I think it is such a blatant falsification, Kauppinen says.

He is not the first IPCC critic. The Panel has had to admit himself to be incorrect, including the melting of Himalayan glaciers on the forecasts.

Kauppinen intends to publish the research findings to Nature , the June issue of Science magazine. _verkkouutiset

Finnish physicist Jyrki Kauppinen conducted research which led him to conclude that only 5 - 10% of warming -- at most -- is due to anthropogenic CO2. The study is tentatively to be published in a June issue of Nature. If not, the author plans to have the study published in a Physics journal
University of Turku, Department of Physics Research claims that carbon dioxide is a significantly smaller impact on global warming than previously thought. Results are based on, inter alia, spectrum analysis.
Professor Jyrki Kauppinen argues that carbon dioxide accounts for only a 5-10 per cent of observed global warming.
- The climate is warming yes, but not because of greenhouse gases, "says Kauppinen Turun Sanomat.
According to him, the UN climate panel, namely the IPCC projections is a single class-size error. When forecasts are ten Kauppinen group compared with the results....Research published in Nature magazine, possibly the June issue[?]. CO2-report-online publication of Kauppinen is sure that at least in the field of physics journals publish research. Kauppinen, it is possible that the study does not end up in the prestigious Nature or Science, the scientific journals, because they are reluctant to get his opinion ilmastoskeptisten studies were published.
Kauppinen itself should not be skeptics, because he is convinced that carbon dioxide does not increase the temperature, at least not significantly. _aamulehti(translated from Finnish)

I am interpreting the translation to say that Kauppinen does not consider himself a "climate skeptic" just because his research seems to show that CO2 is not the cause of warming.

If Nature does publish this piece, it will mark a significant turning point for the British journal of science, which up until now has consistently carried the water of the climate alarmist orthodoxy.

I will report more on Kauppinen's research as the information comes out.

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Blogger David Appell said...

Kauppinen might have submitted his paper to Nature, but it is unlikely that they plan to publish it, since by the rules of that publication he would not be permitted to discuss his findings until it appears in print.

Saturday, 01 May, 2010  
Blogger al fin said...

Interesting point.

I do not read Finnish well enough to grasp hidden undertones of the interviews with Kauppinen. But the gist seemed to be that he did not know for sure where the article was to be published.

Saturday, 01 May, 2010  

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