01 April 2010

Obama Plan for Energy Starvation and Suicide

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has oil reserves in Abu Dhabi that will last another 150 years -- even without any new oil discovery! These proven reserves help to underpin another century of solid economic development for the country.

The US, likewise, has huge fossil fuels reserves that could be used to underpin centuries of economic and technological development. The problem seems to be that the US has a government that is committed to starving its industrial and commercial infrastructure of its lifeblood of energy. Witness President Obama's recent actions:
The entire west coast is now off limits.... That means California’s 10 billion barrels of oil and all the jobs, money and energy they would produce for that bankrupt state are now under embargo.

But the biggest threat to U.S. energy security is what the president did in Alaska, and by extension, to America. He cancelled five existing lease sales that were to be held in 2011 and 2012.

Two of the sales are in the Chukchi Sea, adjacent to where Russia is exploring for and producing oil and gas. According to Salazar’s own Department of Interior, the Chukchi Sea area could hold as much as 77 billion barrels of oil. This is over three times as much oil as the U.S. has in proven reserves, and by itself, is larger than Russia’s total proven oil reserves.

Obama’s new plan for drilling offshore in America is a lot like his old plan: Don’t do it. The fact that his image team went overboard to sell it as offshore drilling means he has seen the polls that show two-thirds of Americans support more offshore drilling._Source

There was no shortage of not-so-bright pundits who declared that Obama was now opening up oil drilling, based upon the White House announcements. But anyone who has been following the Obama - Pelosi - Boxer - Salazar program of planned energy starvation would have known better.

Try not to be a sucker for the Obama - Pelosi reich's PR team. It makes you look weak and wobbly.

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Blogger Sojka's Call said...

What is the take-away here?
1. Why are powerful US interests curtailing carbon based energy sources? Who wins? Who is being punished and why?
2. Is it time to load up the truck with uranium mining stocks? Is that the end-game?

Thursday, 01 April, 2010  
Blogger Ugh said...

Obama's offshore drilling ploy is nothing but a crass political move designed to buy votes from Senators in energy producing regions to aid in the passage of cap and tax. Drilling will never happen because Obama's friends in the EPA and the Sierra Club et al will keep it tied up in committees and courts forever. Al Fin is right about this regime's energy starvation strategy.

Thursday, 01 April, 2010  
Blogger SwampWoman said...

Heh. We were on our way out when the television news program was proclaiming that Obama was "opening drilling" offshore. SwampMan wondered aloud if that could really be true. I pointed out that the sumbitch hasn't done anything that would benefit the country or Americans and it seemed very doubtful that he was about to start.

Friday, 02 April, 2010  

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