22 April 2010

North Korea's Secret Weapon Against Capitalist Imperialism


The idea of the human torpedo is not new. The Japanese kamikaze method of suicidal air attack was copied by Japanese naval forces in its human torpedo suicide weapon, Kaiten.

North Korea's 17th Sniper Corps incorporates human torpedoes as part of the contingent.
Jang Jin-sung, a North Korean poet who defected to South Korea, wrote recently on his blog that the human torpedo units "are treated better than submarine crew and their training centers around suicide bombing attacks." North Korea reportedly formed such squads in each branch of the military after leader Kim Jong-il said during the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 that no military in the world can defeat an army that can carry out suicide bombings.

But the human torpedoes not only use suicide bombing tactics but also launch attacks using semi-submersible vessels equipped with light torpedoes or other explosives, which are fired or placed on their intended targets at close range.

The North is said to have come up with the human torpedoes after its defeat by South Korea in the first and second naval battles in the West Sea, which forced it to realize that it cannot win by conventional means.

Park Sun-young, a lawmaker with the Liberty Forward Party, told the National Assembly on April 8 a three-man team aboard a Seal Deliver Vehicle could have sunk the Cheonan. SDVs are used to transport commandos under water. Some military experts say an SDV laden with explosives could have approached the Cheonan to launch a suicide bomb attack. _ChosunIbo
[Update 1 May 2010: North Korean officials appear to be gloating over some recent triumph over their southern cousins.]
We know that Muslim terrorist suicide bombers go to their fate with the promise of 72 virgins in paradise floating through their minds. What incentive could Kim give his communist troops to commit suicide attacks against their cousins? Favourable mention during the weekly 15 minute broadcast by Dear Leader? An extra cup of rice per week to surviving family members?

North Korea is the picture of what China would be now, had Mao never died. It is the picture of what Zimbabwe is becoming, and what Venezuela could become if Chavez lives long enough. Russia can never get as bad as North Korea -- even under Putin -- because Russia is itself committing demographic suicide.

One-party rule, strong man dictatorship, the zombification of a human population to the point of willingness to commit suicidal murder for Dear Leader. It could never happen here, uh, right?


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Blogger neil craig said...

Whether the suicide torpedoists would actually do it is a different question. When the USSR fell everybody was still spouting their adherence to Marxism/Leninism while running scams. Western political ideology may be no more respected - see Al Gore.

This is also a sign of technical backwardness. Even the Afghans now prefer remote controlled bombs controlled by cannibalised mobile phones.

Friday, 23 April, 2010  
Blogger al fin said...

North Korea is a nation sized prison. The suicidal torpedo jockeys are treated better than the other prisoners, so are willing to take greater risks.

Most of them never actually carry out a fatal mission, so their better lives are not usually ended prematurely.

The actual human torpedoes call for three-man crews, so I am assuming that one of the three (at least) will be a hard-core adherent to the cult of Kim.

Friday, 23 April, 2010  
Blogger skingk said...

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Wednesday, 05 May, 2010  

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