11 March 2010

The Future of Government Education, Today!

Pioneering researchers at Harcos Labs have developed a technology to meet the difficult challenges of multicultural government education. US high school graduates can no longer compete with secondary school graduates from other parts of the developed world, due to the inability of government school teachers to maintain discipline and a proper learning environment in the classroom. The new Harcos Lab technology will change all of that.

We wanted to hack a device, so that unless you remained calm and your brain stayed idle, it would shock the hell out of you. Would the horrible fear of impending pain cause you to clear your mind, or concentrate and receive said pain? _HarcosLabs _ via _ Engadget _ via _ Keelynet.com
Shocking the hell out of multicultural government school students is precisely what will be required in order to make American high school graduates competitive once again. You can obtain the Mindflex device from WalMart online for about $80 (also Amazon.com). The essential electro-shock module can be obtained here.

Some students will require more time with the device than others. That is to be expected in a pluralistic, multicultural society. But if equality is the goal, we must be willing to shock the hell out of any student who refuses to learn -- until she finally gets it.

A newer, higher voltage version of the device is being perfected at Harcos Labs for use in the exacting educational environment of the third world. With higher voltages comes the risk of permanent disability or death, but there are a lot fewer lawyers in the third world, so that should not be a problem. Those lawyers who do stir up a ruckus can be dealt with by almost any third world dictatorship apparatus. (necessary bribes will add to the total cost of any third world projects)


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Blogger Loren said...

We don't have a handicapper general yet though.

Friday, 12 March, 2010  
Blogger gtg723y said...

No, not yet. They will phase her in progressively to keep us reassured that the government knows best and the super intelligent are not to be trusted.

Saturday, 13 March, 2010  

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