11 December 2009

Eliminating Billions of People to Salve Qualms of Pseudo-Science

Canadian Diane Frances and China's Zhao Baige are agreed that over 3 billion humans must be eliminated from planet Earth, to save the planet.

This is a common thread among leftist environmentalists and green enthusiasts: eliminate up to 90% of the human population (or more) in order to make the planet more "sustainable." At this time, CO2 hysteria is a convenient justification for these calls to quasi-genocide. But any cause would do.

No one knows what a sustainable population for this planet might be. 50 years ago in the time of the Club of Rome's ambitious proclamations, it was expected that the Earth would have been destroyed long before now. Billions dead from starvation, disease, scarcity.... It was expected to have happened in the 80s and 90s. By now, we were supposed to be living in a post-oil, post-industrial, post-commercial devastation.

It is all laid out at Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, dieoff.org and similar websites. The hopeful denizens of doom dwell daily upon their decades-obsolete predictions of devastation Earth. They pore over every news report in search of confirmation for their '60s and '70s era prognostications of doom. And of course, they cannot help but find such confirmation -- even if they have to change the definition of what "confirmation" is.

To see such absurd bottom dwelling of doom publishing at Canada's Financial Post does constitute a bit of a surprise. It is as if instead of living in "The Matrix", we are living in "The Consensus", an idiocratic mob mentality that no one is allowed to question. How do such things happen?

If one sets out to dumb down a population, and is willing to take the many years and decades required to do it right, one can eventually create an idiocracy "from the top down." It does require a dedicated, large-scale movement, but if the organisation and financing is there, it is not as difficult as most people might think. Particularly if the population is not especially bright to begin with.

Have you ever imagined a world such as is being recommended by Canada's Financial Post and China's China Daily? A world where every household produces only one child? A world without uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, and cousins? How does one go about convincing all parents to have only one child?

It might be easy in countries such as China or Canada. In fact, Canada's fertility rate -- even without a one-child policy -- is dipping dangerously close to 1 birth per mother. The same is true for Japan, Italy, Russia, Spain, and Greece. In third world countries -- where virtually all of the population growth is occurring these days -- fuggidabowdet!

In other words, developed countries already have fertility rates below 2 -- sometimes very close to 1 -- without encouragement from the anti-natalist gestapo. Affluence and hedonistic lifestyles are generally enough to encourage most women of advanced nations to put a lid on child-bearing. Without affluence and hedonism, the third world is likely to never reduce its fertility rates to these levels.

But you can always send in the blue hatted peacekeepers to enforce your anti-natalist policies in Africa, Muslim Asia, and elsewhere in the third world. What would you accomplish? Fomenting revolution, insurrection, mayhem, starvation, disease, and widespread death. Well, wasn't that what you wanted all along? No doubt.

Excuse the rest of us if we disagree with both your objectives and your underlying rationale.

Postscript: It is the welfare-based nations with the lowest birthrates who will experience the severe effects of shrinking population the soonest. Pension and health care entitlements are ballooning under welfare-state policies. But huge welfare and pension entitlements require a lot of young taxpayers to fund them. If no babies are being born to keep those young taxpayers coming, entitlement debt will completely capsize these welfare economies.

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Blogger kurt9 said...

I will be convinced of the seriousness of the de-population crowd when they start committing suicide in order to save their Earth. As long as they are not willing to sacrifice their lives for this neo-malthusian junk, who are they to expect the rest of us to do so.

BTW, the lady who wrote the Canadian article urging the adoption of China's one-chile policy actually has two kids.


Friday, 11 December, 2009  
Blogger neil craig said...

It shows the intellectual bankruptcy of socialism, or at least socialists, that they have been pleased to accept the eco-fascist Luddites as part of the "left". No political philosopher, not even Adam Smith, was more committed to economic progress than Marx, it was the whole basis of his theory. He must be spinning in his grave looking at the semi-literater parasites who claim to be his followers.

Saturday, 12 December, 2009  
Blogger KGould said...

As a Canadian, I was totally floored to see this article and her appearance on Fox News yesterday. My boyfriend has told me over and over that there are people out there who think killing off a large % of the population is 'the answer' to all ails. In my own little fantasy world, I didn't think much of it. I thought I lived in 'the real world' and that such conspiracy theorists were few and far between - but WOW was I wrong. I cannot believe that article was published in the Financial Post, it belongs in some back alley publication that only a tiny group of like-minded idiots read.

But then again, perhaps it was good that it was published for a broader audience - so more people can learn what is going on in the minds of some of the people who follow AGW like a cult-religion. When I wrote a bit about it on my blog, I reminded readers that some countries who have low birth rates right now are begging their citizens to have more children because the work force will not be large enough to help support the next groups of retirees. Italy was/is paying couples to have babies, Japan was recently begging couples to hop into bed and start making babies (I saw a rather blunt article trying to get people in the mood lol). Meanwhile there are others who think it would be a grand idea to cut the earth's population in HALF by 2075. That's when my youngest son will be 67 years old - will he survive long enough to retire happily if that is the world he would be facing? I just cannot believe what I was reading... but now I have to face the fact there ARE people out there who think like this and it's mind boggling!

Saturday, 12 December, 2009  
Blogger kurt9 said...


The "greenie" types walked off the map a long time ago.

The article is actually one of the more milder ones from these people. He had a professor in Texas who talked about how "wonderful" it would be if Ebola mutated into an air-borne pathogen and killed off 90% of the human race.

These guys remind me of "Agent Smith" near the end of the first Matrix movie.

Saturday, 12 December, 2009  
Blogger KGould said...

I have heard those things before but I just shrugged them off as single freaks out there, as in not too many of them. But I am learning fast that there are far more of those crazies out there than I let myself believe in the past.

Saturday, 12 December, 2009  
Blogger al fin said...

Yes, crazies -- exactly. The crazies have worked their way up through the system so that they are now telling ordinary people what to think, how to act, and what to do with their money.

Too many of the "crazies" are teaching in university and staffing educational institutions at all levels.

Crazies are deciding what you can watch on television and read in the newspapers.

I attended a David Horowitz event at a local university a while back. Most of the students seemed to be intrigued by Horowitz appeal to a broader-mindedness on campus. But the faculty and the teachers' pets were outraged. One professor acted like he was going to charge the stage and attack Horowitz for daring to suggest that a broad range of points of view should be provided to university students.

Saturday, 12 December, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fertility rate in Europe is low due to the high costs of living and only is partly cultural. Believe me, everyone would die to have as many children as possible if they could afford it. The hedonistic multi-cultural lifestyle is a way to attenuate the grim realities of the economics. Educated White America has a declining fertility rate due to them being intelligent enough to decide not to have kids without being able to provide them with the best education, health care, clothes, and nutrition. Even the low IQ minorities will find it tough to raise large families. Only the clannish religious and immigrant birth rates are still holding up, but there's a breaking point to that as well. Third world birth rates excluding Africa will come crashing down as well as their lifestyles begin to resemble the hedonistic west. There is nothing to worry about. This is all natural, and in 100 years the population will start growing again from a low trough. The UN's projection of 14-15 billion is ridiculous. No forced one child policy is needed. People's rational self-interest will take care of this so called population time bomb.

Sunday, 13 December, 2009  

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