15 November 2009

Slavery Is Making a Global Comeback Under Obama

Slavery is an ancient economic institution that is enjoying a global comeback, helped along by the global recession. Most prominent in Africa and the Muslim world, slavery is also common in Southeast Asia, Korea, and even China. Girls of Europe (primarily Eastern Europe) are promised lives of opportunity, then transported internationally for use in brothels. Young girls of Asia are sold by their peasant families to brothels in the city. Young women of the Philippines and Malaysia seek profitable work in the Persian Gulf states, and end up as domestic slaves -- subject to abuse and sometimes murder.

Under communist regimes such as those of Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and Kim, slavery was (and is) used for punishment and "political re-education". Even in Europe, Oceania, and North America, hopeful starry-eyed immigrants get channeled into human trafficking pipelines run by organised crime and held against their will, forced to work. (see Human Trafficking)

Mr. Obama pictures himself as the champion of redistributive and retributive social justice. Hope for the downtrodden, raparations for the wronged, retribution against the historical capitalist engines of injustice -- particularly the private sector of the US and allies.

Slavery has always existed -- it fills an economic niche in virtually every economic system known to man. Only since the coming of capitalism combined with constitutional republics and liberal democracies, has slavery been largely driven out of advanced countries. Free markets create excess wealth which seeks the most efficient use for generating more profits. Slavery is relatively inefficient when compared with the work of free men and / or machines. But under conditions of massive, widespread economic hardship, the supply of "quasi slaves" grows so large that the price for them is cheap.

By destroying the private sector of the US -- the global engine of free markets and non-coercive prosperity -- Mr. Obama is bringing back the conditions that have always contributed to human slavery and trafficking throughout history. By creating the conditions for a massive resurgence of coercive labour, Mr. Obama stands to become the largest slave creator in human history.

Many productive persons in the US are beginning to feel like slaves, themselves. As Mr. Obama's vision for America becomes more and more clear to the persons whose imagination and creative labour have boosted and sustained America's economy for decades, they begin to consider alternatives. John Galt alternatives. Mr. Obama's new slaves begin considering ways off the plantation.

It is an ugly world that Mr. Obama is attempting to bring about -- a world of massive poverty and human exploitation. Will you join with Mr. Obama and Mr. Soros to help bring this world about? Or will you go Galt?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know that you have qualms about me posting race stuff, but despite the numbers of minorities in the US, Whites probably cast 80% of the votes in the 2008 election. The question of the day is why the Whites in the Northern US voted for Obama in alliance with the Mexicans of California.

My personal belief is that the Northern states are dominated culturally and politically by the descendants of the Ellis Island immigrants, most of whom are Catholic. Judging by the Church's constant squawking about "social justice" I can only imagine the socialist mindset the descendants of the Ellis Islanders have developed and maintained.

Feel free to delete this comment if you feel that it is inappropriate.

Tuesday, 17 November, 2009  
Blogger al fin said...

I might understand your point better if you had some numbers to support your case.

Tuesday, 17 November, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want to see Obama supporting slavery, you don't need to look any farther than the White House front lawn. Mrs Obama is famous for her Kitchen garden, which was planted and tended by unpaid negro children from local DC schools. (they call them "volunteers" because that is much nicer than calling them slaves).

Obamas proposals for compulsory volunteerism (giving back to the community) just add to the mix.

Monday, 23 November, 2009  

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