01 October 2009

Mama! He's Driving a Stake Through Global Warming!

Image via Climate Depot

Blogger Neil Craig paints an intriguing portrait of Steve McIntyre of Climate Audit. McIntyre is one of the most gentlemanly, intelligent, and articulate persons to blog on topics of climate. Yet he is the recipient of more hatred and bile than almost anyone on the internet. The reason he is hated by so many people involved in the climate-industrial complex is simple: McIntyre exposes the truth behind the data.
Once again Steve McIntyre has proven a crucial part of the global warming swindle to be without factual merit. In this case he has proven statistically that Michael Mann [actually Keith Briffa in this case __AF], in producing his Hockey Stick theory has deliberately faked his most basic evidence.

After 10 years of data being withheld that would allow true scientific replication, and after dozens of requests for that data, Steve McIntyre of Climate Audit finally was given access to the data from Yamal Peninsula, Russia. He discovered that only 12 trees had been used out of a much larger dataset of tree ring data. When the larger data set was plotted, there is no “hockey stick” of temperature, in fact it goes in the opposite direction. Get your primer here.

Since all 12 trees were very much at variance with the average readings from that group it is just statistically impossible that Mann [Briffa _AF] selected all 12 at random. Therefore it is fraud. These particular tree rings were the evidence on which the entire Hockey Stick theory, that we had flat temperatures for the previous, originally, 1,500 years & an unprecedented sharp rise this century. This is effectively the entire "global warming"/""climate change"/"dangerous climate change" case. _APlaceToStand
Neil goes on to recount a long list of instances where McIntyre stood alone against powerful government financed institutions and scientists to expose mishandled data, faulty statistics, and erroneous conclusions. No wonder they hate McIntyre! If not for that amateur, they would be home-free and in the clear. But thanks to the climate auditor, instead of a long future of fame and adulation, they look forward to prospects of infamy and discarded laurels. In a wiser world, being shamed would be the best they should expect....

....Oh, mama! How can they let that man drive a stake through global warming? Will Al Gore have to give back his Nobel Prize? Will I have to stop believing what I saw in "An Inconvenient Truth?" Will I have to learn to love coal?

Here is a neutral look at this issue from The Register

Update 2 October2009: More on the downfall of Mann and Briffa from Ross McKitrick via climatedepot

More fallout from Briffa's Yamal contretemps

Note: McIntyre earlier demolished Michael Mann's methodology used in creating Mann's famous hockey stick -- upon which much of the early political momentum toward international carbon controls was built. Needing a new hockey stick, Keith Briffa came along with his own hockey stick built upon a carefully selected series of unrepresentative tree rings in the Yamal Peninsula of Russia. The current controversy in the climate world is over McIntyre's demolishing of Briffa's hockey stick. __ AF (in answer to commenter "taylor's" complaint)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a nauseating feeling that the scientific publishing and peer review system is running at full steam towards the cliff that the profession of journalism threw itself off years ago. Every crackpot and pseudoscience movement is going to be ecstatic. Scientific journals violated their own publishing criteria for a politically desirable cause, a university allowed itself to be used to conceal one of the most obnoxious examples of scientific fraud in recent decades and only the efforts of maligned rebels were able to break the story. The longer the scientific community remains in denial about this, the more damage is going to be done. Soon they will be teaching tea leaf reading in school science classes because their will be no with any respectibility to argue against it.

Thursday, 01 October, 2009  
Blogger al fin said...

Yes, Baron, this corruption of science and science publishing in the name of a popular political cause, will be a huge setback for genuine science worldwide.

Not only does the delusional anti-scientific religion of human - caused global warming threaten the economic livelihood of the western world, it also threatens the potential to create a more abundant and sustainable future.

Friday, 02 October, 2009  
Blogger Taylor Pulliam said...

The quoted material herein is grossly inaccurate. Mann didn't compile the disputed series. It was data collected by a couple of Russians, incorporated into a dataset compiled by a dendrochronologist named Keith Briffa. Sloppy.

Friday, 02 October, 2009  
Blogger al fin said...

Yes, just imagine. Had this posting been in favour of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming, it might have won me a Nobel Prize! It might even have been published in Science, Nature, or even Scientific American!

You can excuse the author for that mistake, however, since an important earlier dendroclimatologic series by Mann was indeed demolished by McIntyre.

Did you read the linked Register article? It makes everything exquisitely clear. The linked "Watts Up With That" article within the quote also lays things out quite clearly.

But had I known that such a fastidious reader such as yourself, taylor, was going to read this particular story, I may have taken greater pains to make the entire gruesome story clearer. Or not. ;-)

Friday, 02 October, 2009  
Blogger neil craig said...

Russians may have done the donkey work of trailing through Siberia coring trees for the rings. Mann is responsible for the decision that, out of a group of 34 rings, he discarded all but 12 with obviously atypical results & built his Hockey Stick on the contention that they alone were the typical results.

I also have had an email from somebody I do not know trying to shift the blame on to Briffa. This may be part of a general damage limitation exercise. To blame the Russian tree corers, who did collect ALL the data, is disgraceful dishonesty.

Saturday, 03 October, 2009  
Blogger al fin said...

Neil, I've lost track of all the hockey sticks that have been contrived by the hockey team over the years.

As you pointed out in your article, McIntyre has certainly splintered at least two of them -- the bristlecone hockey stick of Mann and the Yamal Peninsula hockeystick that Briffa based his work on.

McIntyre's achievements in climate science -- as a non-climatologist amateur on his own dime -- have put the entire international climate scam (IPCC, Royal Society, NASA GISS, etc) to shame.

Saturday, 03 October, 2009  

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