14 September 2009

Low-life is as Low-life Does

Below are two photographs of the DC mall. Guess which photo is from after the September 12 Tea Party, and which photo shows the mall after Obamas inauguration.

The difference between celebrations by stakeholders and celebrations by freeloaders is the aftermath. Anyone who has rented property has probably experienced this difference of mindset.

The trick in renting property profitably is to filter out the freeloader mentality before signing the rental contract. The trick in electing and building good government is quite similar.

Photos from Gateway Pundit via American Thinker


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Blogger CarlBrannen said...

The ancient Greek democracies were defined by the duties and responsibilities of the citizens. The modern democracies are defined by their rights.

I'd have liked to see someone tell the Athenians that their democracy had to accept someone as a citizen who wasn't born in Greece (let alone Athens), doesn't speak Greek, has never done anything for Athens, and has never owned any property.

Monday, 14 September, 2009  
Blogger al fin said...

Good point. And not only accept them as a citizen, but with full voting rights.

The US Constitution's Bill of Rights is a list of things the government is prohibited from doing.

The Obama concept of rights is an infinitely long list of things the government must do, including wiping a citizen's arse....

Tuesday, 15 September, 2009  
Blogger fboness said...

That's an interesting way to grade organizations. Three that I know well are the Experimental Aircraft Association, the National Rifle Association, and the Boy Scouts of America.

All rank very high on the clean stakeholder scale.

Tuesday, 15 September, 2009  
Blogger al fin said...

I like that, Bones.

Put the three organisations together, and always be prepared to hit your target at 1000 yards while flying your ultralight.

Then land and clean up the mess.

Wednesday, 16 September, 2009  
Blogger read it said...

America did define voters as stakeholders.

Voting rights in the US Constitution required the citizen to be a property owner, male, 21 and older.

They got it right.

Later, some populist fools screwed it up.

Wednesday, 16 September, 2009  

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