02 September 2009

Japan: The Environmentalist's Paradise

In places like Japan and Italy we are seeing the environmentalist's paradise. The result: children are rapidly disappearing from much of society, schools closing, playgrounds are empty, and emergency services crews are overburdened by calls to serve an aging population without much of an extended family to help them in their declining years. In these places, the term "extended family" will soon come to mean three or for people, at most. This is uncharted territory for modern humanity. The implications are not clear but will certainly be profound. _RCM
With a fertility rate of 1.2 (replacement rate is 2.1), Japan is leading the way to population implosion. Italy, Spain, Russia, and much of the rest of Europe is walking the same downward path.
With each day that goes by the problem gets tougher to solve in places like Japan because the number of child-bearing adults is already significantly below what it was decades ago. That means that even a return of birthrates to replacement levels or higher will only build the population slowly. Some demographers describe the problem as a pyramid standing on its head, with each successive generation working from a smaller base, and it's happening virtually everywhere. _RCM
So many people dismiss this trend as irrelevant, or easily reversible. It is not. It is the depopulation of the developed world. Once it reaches the point of no return, it is irreversible.

This is the goal of the modern faux environmental movement: depopulation, the great dieoff.orgie. Under the false flags of carbon climate catastrophe and peak oil catastrophe -- among others -- the faux environmental movement marches toward a future without the very humans who could have saved the environment for real. Without these humans, the third world explodes and devours every resource within reach.

Due to China's enormous population, and its growing tentacles of influence and control within the third world, China may be able to outlast the developed nations while maintaining much of its huge industrial and military infrastructure. If so, then China will oversee the devouring of resources at the hands of an exploding third world population. Until China itself is devoured.

The purpose of this blog is to encourage enough people to see past the smoke screen of the faux environmentalists and the new leftists. Just a few tweaks to existing human knowledge would be enough to extend human life, increase human intelligence and creativity, open the gates to space exploration and development, and achieve abundant energy and material wealth.

It is the revolution of the next level. But aspirants to the next level have to see the folly and deceit that are inherent in the mainstream reality facade being painted for them.

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Blogger Eshenberg said...

They can't beat Us;)

Thursday, 03 September, 2009  
Blogger al fin said...

I am rooting for Latvia and the Baltic states. You still have time to turn it around.

Thursday, 03 September, 2009  
Blogger Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Will the collapse of the social welfare state lead to a increase in births?

The social safety net in many ways negated the need to have children. Why go through the expense of having kids if the State will take care of you in your old age?

When the social welfare state finally implodes (Japan is in far worse shape than the USA.. though Obama is playing a great game of catch-up) will the educated / higher IQ classes suddenly see the necessity of families? If the State can no longer take care of you when you are old / infirmed, who will besides your off-spring?

Friday, 04 September, 2009  

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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