16 June 2009

You Really Must Like High Energy Prices!

Brian Westenhaus presents an excellent example of how US government regulations are choking domestic energy supplies and driving up costs of industry, commerce, and daily life for every American.
Everyone world wide would be affected. Today the U.S. is a very small importer of natural gas. The proposed bill would certainly change that forcing the U.S. into the world natural gas market in a big way. _NewEnergyandFuel
How far will the Obama government go to create "political peak oil" and other fabricated disasters? And how long will it take for the American news and entertainment media to let the people know what is happening, to wake them up?

Government is creating political peak oil for reasons of its own. Someone benefits from the expanding web of regulations, taxes, fines, restrictions, and opening up to lawsuits that Americans are now experiencing. It is great job security for government bureaucrats, trial lawyers, and faux environmental activists, at the very least. But it is hell on the productive class of a country. Long term, this type of government destroys the productive potential of generations of citizens, until they wake up and get rid of it.The government is not the country. The government is a parasite on the country and on the people. The installation of particular persons in high governmental office leads to a pathological bloating of the parasite with the blood of taxpayers and commercial enterprise.

As long as government is kept strictly limited to the essential roles of protecting citizens from violence, theft, and fraud, the parasite can be managed. But the US government broke the chains put on it by the people and the Constitution in the early 20th century -- and has been growing oppressively larger in fits and starts ever since.

Under the current president, the US government has chosen to expand beyond all precedent, over a very short time span. This growth is very profitable to a select group of insiders -- labour unions, trial lawyers, campaign contributors, "connected" individuals -- but it is death to the people's hopes and dreams.

How will the people respond to the uncontrolled growth of the parasite?


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Blogger SwampWoman said...

Actually, I do not like high energy prices. Business cannot be competitive with high energy prices and most locate overseas.

Tuesday, 16 June, 2009  
Blogger Eshenberg said...

Some will wake up and start again(at the same or other place), but the greater part will go down(with all its consequences)!
Clock go'

Tuesday, 16 June, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Long term, this type of government destroys the productive potential of generations of citizens, until they wake up and get rid have of it.

Are you sure about that? The Northern states from Iowa to Michigan to Massachusetts been declining since 1960 and yet they still continue to vote for their own destruction. These states and their Pacific colonies are the driving force behind liberalism. Despite everything these states have suffered, most if not all voted for Obama.

Stop thinking of the US as a single nation and start thinking of it as a multinational empire, like Canada. Even the English speaking parts of Canada behave differently, with Ontario being completely different from the prairie provinces.

There are at least two White nations here in the US, with several colored ones as well. The Northern one has decided to go socialistic and is dragging the rest of the country with it.

Friday, 19 June, 2009  
Blogger al fin said...

Ronduck, your use of the terms "White nations" and "colored ones" sounds antiquated.

If you want to stop thinking of the US as a single nation, then think of it as it is in the 2000s, not as it was in the 1960s.

The fastest growing demographic in the US is Asians, at least until the economy recovers again.

The term "colored" belongs on 1950s signs for special drinking fountains, restrooms, and backdoor restaurant entrances.

In the 2000s US there are as many colours, ethnicities, nationalities, and varieties of people as you can imagine.

On this blog, it's better to be specific. "White" is not an ethnicity or nationality, it is a colour of a blank piece of paper. There are no people who are that colour.

European may be the term you are looking for, but Europeans are a broad range of ethnicities, and can be physically indistinguishable from Central Asians, Turks, some North Africans, etc.

As long as commenters are specific and can support their claims with reliable sources, they can say what they want here -- as long as their language is not intentionally offensive.

I reserve the right to be offensive for myself, as blog czar.

Friday, 19 June, 2009  

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