03 February 2009

You Know You May be Demented if You Believe in Climate Catastrophe and Ocean Acidification

Admit it: any conscientious person who really believed in human-caused climate catastrophe would have shot himself in the head long ago. They could easily lighten the planet's burden and save many hundreds of tons of CO2 by the simple act of rapid intra-cranial lead infusion.
So, if you really want to save the planet, stop wasting time and energy by writing pointless articles based on flimsy evidence. Charity starts at home, but saving the environment starts in the governments of India, China and the USA. There are also a number of other ways to make a difference

1. Breath[e] less. An average person's respiration generates some 900g of carbon dioxide a day, so by breathing less, or avoiding getting steamed up over global warming issues you could make a real difference immediate.
2. Shoot yourself. My thanks to Jonathan Porrit for pointing out that doing something about population could help stop climate change, even if he can’t do the demographic maths too well. Of course the quickest way to make a difference would be to shoot yourself. Ending your life 40 years ahead of schedule would save over 400 tons of carbon dioxide, and this could be easily increased by bumping off a few other people too.
You really have to be more than a bit deranged or demented to believe in catastrophic anthropogenic global warming and ocean acidification in the first place. It's really tough to dig yourself out of a deep mental hole when you've been so thoroughly academically lobotomised and psychologically neotenised. Simply putting yourselves out of your own misery might be best.

Science is not about belief, or even about factual, declarative knowledge. Science is about questioning, doubting, testing -- building structures of testable hypotheses for the sheer pleasure of tearing them down again using ever more elegant logical hypotheses and means for testing them.

We are learning that there is no scientific basis for forecasting climate. We are learning that even James Hansen's supervisors at NASA see Hansen as dishonest and an embarrassment to NASA. We are learning that northern glaciers in Alaska, Norway, and Greenland are growing once again, and that arctic sea ice is already beginning to recover from its recent low in summer 2007. We have learned that ocean acidification from CO2 is an absurdity. We can easily see that alarmist temperature predictions from Hansen and the IPCC are diverging from actual temperature trends.

In the huge, dimly lit camp of the Obama-zombies, we see large numbers of true believers in human caused eco-devastation. The zombies constantly dwell on warming catastrophe and ocean acidification. It is easy to for them believe such things -- particularly when the rest of the milling mob believes them too. Not so easy to think for one's self, particularly when all the forces of one's upbringing, education, media and political culture...are telling you to let others do your thinking.

The science is not settled, and the debate is not over. Only the demented and the deranged hold to the static view of science promoted by Gore and Hansen. Future reality holds some harsh surprises for the zombie horde.

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Blogger yamahaeleven said...

"rapid intra-cranial lead infusion."


Tuesday, 03 February, 2009  
Blogger al fin said...

If I am not mistaken, the phrasing comes from an old "Mad Magazine" edition. I may have embellished it a bit, but cannot claim total originality.

Friday, 13 February, 2009  

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