14 December 2008

Sleep the Sun, Then Bitter Cold!

NASA solar scientist David Hathaway is keeping mum about the unprecedented delay of Solar Cycle 24 -- the sun's long and ongoing nap. Instead of delighting in the opportunity to learn something new about the sun's inner workings, Hathaway and NASA appear to be sulking in the dark, upset that their pet theories are failing them yet again.

Meanwhile, North America shivers in the cold and dark from unseasonable pre-winter storms. As far south as Houston and New Orleans, unprecedentedly early snowfall came calling.

Despite the lack of warming across the globe for the past ten years, shriekly shrill alarmists continue to cry havoc in the attempt to shift billions of dollars more into their funding agencies, carbon trading scams, and corrupt political campaigns. Besides the dishonesty, the shame becomes all the greater when so many other important needs go unmet due to shunting of scarce resources to the climate grifters.

The reason climate models are so much crap is that they fail to account for most of the important determinants of climate. The sun, ocean oscillations, water vapour effects, clouds, and other so far unknown contributors to the many cycles of climate that overlap to generate "the climate."

In addition, confounding factors, poor data, sloppy statistics, and unfounded assumptions continue to plague the computer models of the "climate scientists" who toe the party line of the IPCC and the orthodox climate catastrophe religion.


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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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