14 November 2008

James Hansen Apologizes for Using Next Year's Climate Data in October Report

Commenters to top climate websites such as Climate Audit and Watts Up With That caught the hugely embarassing error made by James Hansen's GISS in the October global temperature anomaly. This is not the first time that GISS has been a stark outlier compared to other agencies. In fact, GISS is constantly issuing "corrections" months after they report a global anomaly. Al Fin was able to catch up with Hansen recently in New York, and questioned him about the embarassing mistake, and about the rumour that GISS is making up temperature data.
AF: Thank you for speaking with me on such short notice, Dr. Hansen. I wonder if you can provide our readers with some insight on what happened with October global temperature data at GISS?

JH: The climate is going to hell and you worry about one month's data? Look, I"m in a hurry to catch a plane to Brussels. I've explained the problem till I"m blue in the face. What more can I say? [begins to walk away]

AF: All my readers want to know is whether they can trust GISS global temperature reports after what happened for October.

JH: It was a simple mistake that anybody could make--damn those Russians!. We're already over the tipping point, it's going to be hell. GISS has the best data, you can trust it, we take the most care in our data and our models possible. [starts to turn toward the street to hail a taxi]

AF: Dr. Hansen, please, how do you answer the suggestions that GISS is simply making up data?

JH: [turns toward Al with a fierce expression] GISS is the best, understand? The best! Our models are good enough at predicting the future that we have compiled temperature data in advance! Not one year, not five years, not ten years--but fifty years in advance! We know the future. That knowledge informs our monthly reports.

AF: Excuse me, Dr. Hansen, but are you saying that you sometimes insert temperatures from your models into the Gistemp monthly temperature anomaly reports?

JH: Oh get off your high horse, young man! Do you know how hard it is to get reliable surface temperature readings? It's damned near impossible! You have to get your data wherever you can. At GISS, we feel that data from our models is better than real data. Our models have been approved by the IPCC, so you know they are good.

AF: Dr. Hansen, seriously. You can't really believe that output from a model is valid input for a monthly temperature anomaly report? That can't be science?

JH: Ah! I see! You're one of those deniers. Did Lindzen send you here to try to trap me into some kind of admission? What is your game, you young punk? [begins walking away quickly]

AF: Dr. Hansen! [runs after JH for one last question] What is the January 09 Gistemp anomaly going to show?

JH: [hails a cab, gets in, speeds away]

AF: [to himself] I suppose it will be whatever the man wants it to be. [shakes his head and hurries off to an appointment]
This news should not come as a big surprise to most AF readers. Ever since Al Gore was Vice President, and took control of NASA funding to favour his friends and personal causes, GISS has been a large beneficiary of federal funding. Not good news for space missions--siphoning money away from space to climate research--but very good news for Hansen and GISS. Since that time, James Hansen has been on the leading edge of the tipping point. No one has tipped further or harder than Hansen, and if the public ever stops believing in the climate catastrophe orthodoxy, no one will fall harder.

Update 16Nov08: Fascinating Telegraph article detailing the James Hansen Follies. The failure of the media to cover this topic in an objective and dispassionate way is largely responsible for the ability of the Hansens, Gores, and Pachauris to swindle governments and taxpayers. "Journalists" always seem to be too late to be of benefit to anyone but the swindlers.


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