15 October 2008

Who Is John Galt? Scaling Back In An Obamanation

The prospect of Americans (with the help of ACORN and other fraudsters) electing Obamanation to lead the developed world is weighing heavy on the minds of many American professionals and small business owners. Over at "Ask Dr. Helen", commenters are discussing ways in which they might scale back their economic activity under a full-scale socialist assault such as has never been seen in a previously free country. The ideas are interesting, and worth looking over.

If by hook or crook Obama emerges victorious next month, he will not just be the US President. He will likely be the almost uncontested leader of a powerful monolith of leftist oriented government, media, popular culture, and revolutionary-minded powerful interests--aligned nationally and internationally as never seen before. The momentum toward permanent revolutionary change will be virtually irresistable.

It will not be a situation like 1992, where early Clinton excesses led to the election, in 1994, of an opposition Congress. If the Entitlist, "Hollow-Man" Obama is enthroned in the Oval Office, he will assume a type of power only dreamed of by Bill Clinton or Al Gore. You can be sure that even if B.O. is unsure how to govern, he will be accompanied by a revolutionary cadre whose plans have been worked out years in advance--if not decades.

The overrunning of the university by leftist ideologues over the past 4 + decades is finally bearing fruit--in the electorate, in the media, in K-12 education, in popular entertainment, in the very mythology of the west. That is the type of undermining foundational change that was necessary in order for overt change of open revolution to occur in a formerly free country.

In the past, cheating at the polls occurred in mob-controlled areas such as Chicago, New York, Philadelphia etc. But the cheating now is occurring nationwide--just like in Zimbabwe, Cuba, or Saddam's Iraq. In order to achieve such widespread corruption, a lot of people had to work hard for a long time--and with taxpayer support as it turns out. If Obama is crowned in January, it will be because of the hard work of these mostly behind-the-scenes workers, bureaucrats, and elected officials.

So here we are, contemplating an Obamanation--the bringing of destructive power against personal and economic freedoms that rational Americans never believed possible. These storm troopers will quickly be voted the power by Congress to shut down all media that goes against them. Radio, TV, public forums, internets, wireless, print, and so on. Consider: If Google bowed to the CCP in Beijing to assist spying on dissidents, it is easy to imagine the same thing happening under Obamanation.

Finally, Who Is John Galt? I recommend you go to Dr. Helen's and read through the comments.

The election hasn't happened yet. But it is never too early to make advance preparations for a potential disaster. The radicals of Obamanation do not understand what makes free markets run. They seem to believe that wealth flows out of government, to whomever the government favours. That is certainly how things look from a third world perspective. They have a lot to learn about who "John Galt" is and what happens when the mainspring runs down.

Update: Here is a link to Ayn Rand's "Anthem", Free Online. "Atlas Shrugged" is still under copyright, but "Anthem" is a little brother of sorts, in the public domain. Enjoy.

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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