27 October 2008

Counterintuitive Graphs vs. Steamrolling Delusions

This graphic demonstrates an inverse relationship between CO2 concentration and temperature. Watts Up With That?
This graphic demonstrates the growth of US government spending in the human resources sector while spending on national defense and everything else stagnates or even declines slightly. Under a President Obama defense spending would drop significantly while increases in human resource spending and other new spending would accelerate even faster.

The "Catch 22" of human resource spending is that it is tied to cost of living, and can only go up. As the elderly population grows older, as the highly skilled craftsmen of industry grow old and retire and are not replaced, as highly skilled populations die off and are often replaced by less capable immigrants who can never replace them--paying for the exponential increases in government spending coming down the pipe will be impossible.

Over the past summer we witnessed the "demand destruction" of the global economy by hugely inflated oil prices. But that was nothing compared to the economic destruction of the anti-energy policies that the Obama-lution would bring to the US and the world. And to think it was all based upon a temporary correlation between rising CO2 and rising average surface temperatures over a few decades.


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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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