05 June 2008

Seasteading Book: Updated on New Website

The new Seasteading Book is updated and enlarged, on the new Seasteading.org website. The old Seasteading Book by the same authors is still online for comparison. The entire web-book is a work in progress by authors who clearly care very deeply about their topic. The authors have put a great deal of thought and research into this free online e-book.

Like Marshall Savage, I tend to see seasteads as preliminary rites of passage and tests of competence. The long term goal for most restless visionaries has always been the vast expanse and richness of space. Unfortunately, humans are not that far evolved from our tree dwelling cousins. It is not clear that entire self-sustaining societies of humans can be serious and competent enough to survive--to thrive--outside Earth's atmosphere.

That is why we need to demonstrate to ourselves that we can survive and prosper on the high seas, in polar habitats, and in undersea habitats. All of these settlements require a higher level of design competency and daily vigilance and competence, than most ordinary cities and towns that house most humans. If we cannot survive virtually anywhere on such a life-friendly planet as Earth, what is it within ourselves that tells us we can survive far away from the resources of Earth?

For those concerned about surviving the next apocalypse--whatever your apocalypse of choice--the new seasteading book contains a lot of useful material about all-purpose needs for communities in general. If you can create a sustainable community on the high seas, you can probably create a sustainable community almost anywhere else on the planet.

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Blogger neil craig said...

By the technology of the Victorian age Hong Kong & Singapore were pretty close to seasteding being built on previously useless pieces of rock. They seem to have done OK.

Incidentally both were chosen for location which suggests that floating islands, soemwhat like those advocated by Marshall Savage, may have an edge on fixed sites, particularly if there is a risk the political posture of the neighbours may change.

Friday, 06 June, 2008  
Blogger al fin said...

Seastead as trading post? Perhaps if there were a modern counter-part to the British East India Company willing to finance a network of seastead trading posts?

Keep in mind that a single asteroid in Earth crossing orbit may be worth trillions of dollars. You might wonder the best way of trading space resources with Earth countries and corporations? Perhaps seastead trading posts are the answer.

Space resources would certainly be able to finance top of the line seasteads. Any company or conglomerate/confederation capable of thriving in space, could design and operate viable seasteads.

The idea is to go the other direction--from seastead to space colony--but nothing prevents bi-directional development. Especially where issues of trade and commerce come in.

Friday, 06 June, 2008  

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