23 June 2008

Biomass Gasification On The Move

Biomass gasification to syngas is becoming the most efficient means of turning waste biomass and garbage into electrical energy. In Iraq, portable gasifier/generators will be undergoing field tests by the US military throughout the summer until August. The use of portable on-site gasifier/generators in Iraq should cut down on the military fuel convoys that have been subject to ambush and deadly IED attacks.

In Washington DC, Auburn University students have been demonstrating their own portable gasifier-on-a-trailer system to the public and hopefully to clueless US legislators.
Auburn University is showing off its mobile bioenergy unit in the nation’s capitol this week, converting wood chips into electricity on the back of a truck near the National Mall.

The mobile unit, used to promote awareness of biomass energy technologies, converts wood chips, switchgrass and other agricultural byproducts into gas, which can be used to generate electricity or converted into liquid fuel. __Source
Gasification of waste biomass and garbage creates H2 and CO, or syngas. Syngas, once cleaned, can either be:
  1. burned in gas turbines to generate electricity
  2. fired to create steam--which can then be used to drive steam turbines to generate electricity.
  3. fermented to make alcohols
  4. run through a F-T process with catalysis to make a wide range of hydrocarbons.

The most economical and high yield methods of performing all of the above tasks--and likely others--are being intensively worked out by scientists, engineers, and inventors around the world.

Vinod Khosla is only one of the shrewd financial backers of this particular form of renewable energy. Some of the world's largest oil companies and automobile manufacturers are also jumping on the gasification wagon.

Previously published at Al Fin Energy
H/T Checkbiotech.com

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