19 May 2008

Things Your Climate Model Never Told You

Not a single IPCC sanctionedclimate model predicted the current ongoing downturn in global temperatures. A rousing debate centering on whether the current extended global cooling constitutes a falsification of climate models or not is happening at a number of climate sites, including statistician Lucia's and Roger Pielke Jr's. Whether 8 years of global cooling is enough to falsify the Hansen/Gore hypothesis or not, you will never find such a thing as global cooling--even temporary cooling--in the projections of any climate model approved by the orthodoxy of holy warmers.
There has no doubt been some cyclical warming from 1979 to 1998, but it has been exaggerated by the poor station data. The state records as documented by Bruce Hall in 2007 tell the story. Scroll down to see the monthly records by state and link to other states. Most all of the heat records were set in the early half of the 1900s. A plot of Des Moines, Iowa June and July record highs by decade graph says it all. These tables and chart show that the current warming is clearly not unprecedented as alrmists claim, not even in the last century.

I believe that if we had satellite monitoring for the last 120 years, we would see the recent warming though real, fell short of that in the 1930s and that the changes are cyclical and thus primarily natural in origin. That is not to say that cities have not grown warmer as they have grown and some warming through the population growth from 1.5 to 6.5 billion since 1900 has taken place nor that we shouldn’t be better stewards of our environment, only that man-made greenhouse warming as portrayed by the agenda driven alarmists, the mainstream media and the IPCC is a fraud. __Icecap
Climate is a chaotic phenomenon. We are learning that natural climate cycles pre-dominate over any "artificial" or "anthropogenic" forcings. It is expected that natural climate cycles will trend alternately upward (warming) and downward (cooling). Other "natural" forcings--such as large volcanic eruptions, wandering of the solar system out of the galactic plane, or bombardment from outer space asteroids or comets--should also predominate easily over any anthropogenic forcings short of all-out nuclear war. Even then, nature easily contains more ultimate power.

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