04 May 2008

Mainstream Media Begins to Go Skeptic

Only a week has passed since the Nature article predicting a cooler decade from the AMO and since NASA's predicting that the PDO has shifted to a cool phase for a decade or so. And already the mainstream media is testing its limits, printing a bit of heretical skepticism for everyone to see. Granted, it is the Telegraph, which may be feeling its oats after helping rid the UK of a London mayor who was a bit too friendly with dictators and terrorists. Or perhaps it is just a way of giving "Red Ken" and his holy warmer pals the boot in such a way to make sure they feel it.
...a German study, published by Nature last week, claimed that, while the world is definitely warming, it may cool down until 2015 "while natural variations in climate cancel out the increases caused by man-made greenhouse gas emissions"....While global warming enthusiasts might take cheer from the NOAA's claim that "average global land temperature" in March was "the warmest on record", this was in striking contrast to a graph published last week on the Climate Audit website by Steve McIntyre.

Tracking satellite data for the tropical troposphere, it showed March temperatures plunging to one of their lowest points in 30 years.

Mr McIntyre is the computer expert who exposed the infamous "hockey stick" graph - that icon of warmist orthodoxy which showed global temperatures soaring recently to their highest level for 1,000 years. He showed that the computer model that produced this graph had been so designed that it would have conjured even random numbers from a telephone directory into the shape of a hockey stick).

The most dramatic evidence, however, emerged last week with an announcement by Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory that an immense slow-cycling movement of water in the Pacific, known as the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), had unexpectedly shifted into its cool phase, something which only happens every 30 years or so, ultimately affecting climate all over the globe.

Discussion of this on the invaluable Watts Up With That website, run by the US meteorologist Anthony Watts, shows how the alternations of the PDO between warm and cool coincided with each of the major temperature shifts of the 20th century - warming after 1905, cooling after 1946, warming again after 1977 - and how the new shift to a cool phase could have repercussions for decades to come. __Telegraph
The shock from the climate orthodoxy is palpable, as they are beginning to see their tenuous hold on the media slipping away.

It is too early to truly say where the climate is going. The IPCC made the mistake of premature prognosticating and Al Gore fell for it, making a hundred million dollars so far and counting, from the error. The problem I see is that when the public begins to understand how badly it has been manipulated by political interests acting in the name of science, it will be science as a whole that suffers from the backlash and public resentment.

Anyone who knows anything about science can tell you that science has had very little to do with the rush to climate catastrophe, up to this point. But it will be up to science as a whole to clean up the mess the politicians and the media have made of one relatively infant branch--climatology.


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Blogger Snake Oil Baron said...

The media's faith will return if the Republicans take the White House.

Monday, 05 May, 2008  
Blogger al fin said...

Hysteria drives media sales. If it bleeds it ledes.

Baron, you may want to check out this Skeptic article which looks at the reliability of climate models.

Quite interesting if you have the time.

Tuesday, 06 May, 2008  

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