24 March 2008

IPCC Climate Models Not Holding Up Well

The image above shows a plot of solar cycle length against global temperature. As many of you know, we are still in solar cycle 23, waiting for solar cycle 24 to begin. As you can see from the graphic above, the longer the solar cycle, the cooler the global climate.
Current data from the Argos ocean monitoring buoys points to an ongoing cooling trend in Earth's heat content--instead of global warming.
The big problem with the Argo findings is that all the major climate computer models postulate that as much as 80-90% of global warming will result from the oceans warming rapidly then releasing their heat into the atmosphere.

But if the oceans aren't warming, then (please whisper) perhaps the models are wrong.

The supercomputer models also can't explain the interaction of clouds and climate. They have no idea whether clouds warm the world more by trapping heat in or cool it by reflecting heat back into space.___NP

A world-class MIT climatologist who possesses perhaps the highest wattage brain in the field, has already suggested that the IPCC climate models have been falsified by the last 10+ years of satellite data.

This is a time of turmoil within all fields of climate science--although you would never know it from the public front as reflected by the popular media. The orthodoxy is circling the wagons, with the unquestioning assistance of global media and national governments, inter-governments, and non-governmental lobbyist organisations.

Under a Stalinist world government, the climate orthodoxy might have a chance of pulling the wool over the global public's eyes long enough to put an irrevocable "climate change economic regime" into place. Under such an economic regime, market mechanisms would be so painfully and dysfunctionally distorted that even in the case of a significant climate cooling--equivalent to a Maunder Minimum--the ability of human science and technology to respond in a timely or effective fashion will have been hamstrung.

Top-level climate scientists are reaping significant rewards from the alarmist message. It is not in their interest to introduce any element of doubt into the scenarios. The same applies to investors and financiers who are neck-deep in climate cap and trade schemes. Even the world's number 1 polluter--China--is demanding massive technology transfers to its state-owned enterprises, as a condition for considering reducing its greenhouse gas output. Not a bad scam, if you can get in on it before it all collapses.

Update 25March08: IPCC on increasingly shaky ground
The study of the multiple drivers of Earth's climate has just barely begun. The premature identification of mainstream media conglomerates with the catastrophist extreme view of climate reveals the political underpinnings of both the media, and the catastrophist wing of climate modeling. Non-catastrophist climate mavericks--who want to study all the mechanisms of climate and climate change--have a tougher time getting financing, tenure, and publication. But that situation is subject to very rapid and radical change, as the oncoming deluge of better data begins to hit the windscreen.

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