02 January 2008

Global Warming Denialists: The New Evil Empire?

Global warming deniers must be crazy to say the things they say--unless--unless they are being paid a lot of money to contradict the "scientific consensus." Right? So who are all of these big money interests who pay the deniers the big money, and why would they do it?
The idea that there is a “denial industry” doesn’t hold up to logic. Here’s how policies that adhere to conventional theories about global warming benefit most vested interests:

* Insurance companies get to charge higher premiums
* Fossil fuel companies get to keep prices (and profits) high
* Politicians get to enact new taxes
* Public sector entities get new taxes to fund their pensions
* Environmental organizations get more funds
* Left wing activists get a new basis to attack private ownership
* Labor unions get more jobs, especially in the public sector
* Lawyers get a new basis to file lawsuits
* Wall street gets to trade emissions credits
* Climate researchers get more grant requests funded
* United Nations bureaucrats get a guaranteed revenue stream

With pretty much everyone winning in this scenario, apart from billions of ordinary consumers, millions of small businesses, and the economic aspirations of emerging nations - where is the denial industry? With virtually all powerful vested interests winning under the alarm scenario - it’s no wonder we aren’t seeing meaningful debate on this topic.

Al Gore is not the only opportunist who stands to make billions on the great "Kyoto and Sons Global Warming Crusade Bandwagon." Oil companies, insurance companies, trial lawyers, government bureaucrats, any academic or industry researcher who can tie their grant proposal to "global warming"--all the usual suspects stand to gain from the "Son of Kyoto" accords.

So if you somehow believe you are "speaking truth to power" by railing against the "Global Warming Denialists," you are actually serving as a shill for powerful interests yourself. Consensus science is for morons who do not understand science. What passes for consensus science in climate studies is actually "consensus politics." If you fell for it, don't feel too badly. The news and entertainment media trumpets the political consensus 24 hours a day.
People who oppose the claim that "the debate is over," are not denialists at all. They are heretics. They think the great CAGW bandwagon is suffering a severe case of "premature evangelisation." Current mainstream thinking on "global warming" and "climate change" is incredibly simplistic. Why? Because most people do not understand Popper's concept of falsifiability--which underlies science.

Without the benefit of informed, experienced, and creative minds, the mass of humans in the developed world accepts what the media tells them as fact. They have no basis whatsoever to contest the popular "consensus" views promulgated by the mainstream. That is a pity. But not a great pity.

Delusions have a way of sorting themselves out as more data accumulates. The theory that anthropogenic CO2 is forcing massive, catastrophic climate change is one of those delusions that requires sorting by data. That will not be done by the mass media, or by consumers of mass, mainstream media. It will be done by the heretics and infidels of the scientific world. The same type of scientist who has always done most of the work in science.

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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